Embedding Mormon.org Videos

Recently I was passed this interesting article describing the ways you can embed videos from The LDS Church’s mormon.org in your blog/website/about me page.


The basic rundown solves the issue that I was looking for.  Which is the desire to “Web 2.0” embed video content from another source (yes, hotlinking is now in with permission).  In this case from mormon.org, which is not by nature a fully user managed site.  The basic concept of it doesn’t allow for complete outside control, for reasons I can accept for now.  But the new videos are an excellent tool that  I would like to use.

The article also suggests some enhancements that normal geeks recognize from other shared media sites that are lacking, such as automated redirecting to mormon.org.  This of course is something that would be likely included if that was the design of the product, and hopefully I can help bubble the idea upstream to listening ears.

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