Let me start this blog by saying that I love my dog!  But sometimes she is a pain in the rear!!  I just had the Sherriff stop by about 5 minutes ago.  Now, before I tell you why, let me go back a week.  Last Monday, I had my best friend Krissy over for a visit.  As they were getting ready to leave, we realized that the boys hadn’t cleaned up the basement.  So, without much thought we all left the front room with the door wide open and went to the basement to clean up.  Of course, given such a ripe opportunity, Sophie made a run for it.  In the past she has gotten out and come back within the hour.  But last week, she never came back.  By the next morning, we were really worried.  So I called around and found her at the pound in Lindon.  Jason stopped by to grab her and lo and behold, we had a $80 get of jail charge and a $30 licencing fee and the sherriff wrote us a nice little ticket.  Normally we would have to go to court and stand in front of a judge in the court house in Provo for such an offence, but I have a wonderful friend named Tami, who’s father is an attorney who knows the judge assigned to our case.  He has very wonderfully offered to take our ticket and talk with the judge to have the charge dismissed.  Now, with all that being said, when the sherriff rang my door bell I started to freak out a little.  Turns out he just picked up a dog that is a female yellow lab with a pink collar.  He thought that she belonged to us since our dog was so recently accompanied by him to the shelter.  I am happy to say that Sophie was right out on my deck where I had put her 10 minutes before.  What a way to get the adrinaline pumping!