Moving Right Along

Yes, I’m moving on.  It’s time for me to go to a new place, so I’m starting to troll along with my resume for anything interesting.  I won’t go into my reasons here, as I am still employed 🙂 but would like to find something new.

If for some reason you are reading this and don’t know what I do, or what I’m good at, wow, I’m surprised 🙂 but here goes a little.

I’m a very experienced Perl programmer,with previous experience in the usuals (C, C++), but those are pretty outdated in terms of experience.  The larger part of my experience and background is in dealing with Billing and Finance applications, and large scale replicating site/cms tools.  I’m a core developer on the Freeside billing system,  and heavily involved with the local Open Source community.  Go ahead, check out the resume –