Crazy Busy Weekend!

Had some fun pictures taken of the kids last week.  Look to the end of the blog for the gallery of pictures from the week.  🙂

Well, the weekend was fabulous!  Thanksgiving was super fun at Jeremy and Heathers.  The food was great, and the Wii games were fun.  They just got Dance Revolution.  I actually tried it.  For those of you that know me, you know that I have absolutely no rhythm.  But I held my own on the game.  🙂  I didn’t do well at all, but I didn’t do any worse than anyone else either.  So it is all good.  Garion and Kayla spent the night and Jason took Brynn back over the next morning after she woke up.  Michelle and I left at 4:30am Friday to go shopping!  It was CRAZY!!  Walmart was so busy I can’t adequately describe it.  We got there at 5am.  The parking lot was full.  I mean full!  There were no shopping carts and once we got into the store, there was no moving.  Most isles were so packed, the people were at a stand still.  It took us about 15 minutes just to get from the front of the store to the toys!  Then we grabbed what we wanted in about 10 minutes and then spent about 40 minutes in line.  It was claustrophobic!  Luckily, Walmart was the busiest place we went.  We also visited Lowes, Walgreens and the University Mall.  I had so much fun!  I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done with the exceptions of a few stocking stuffers and an iTunes gift card.  🙂  After Michelle and I got back, our husbands went out for the rest of the day.  Then to top off the day, we chatted with Jamison and Michelle till 1 am, laughing so hard my sides were hurting. 🙂

Saturday was another highlight of the weekend for me.  My mom and I have started to do our genealogy.  She has done a little more work then I have, but on the same set of names, she prepared them for the temple and I found all their census records.  It was so neat!  I found out information my grandmother didn’t even know about my great grandmother!  Once the names were recorded in temple ready we were ready to take them to the temple.  I realize there are several people reading this that may not know what that means.  When we take a name to the temple, we act as proxy for them to be baptised, receive the Holy Ghost, and take part in all the other ordinances the temple has to offer.  We believe that these individuals still have the choice to accept or reject the gospel, just as they did when they were alive.  However, since they are dead, they need someone to act as proxy for them if they do choose to accept the gospel.  That is where Jason and I come in.  On Saturday, we took my first family names through the temple.  It was such a sweet experience!  I was very nearly in tears the whole time we were there.  We acted as proxy for 5 women and 4 men.  My two great grandmothers, 2 great, great grandmothers and my 3xgreat grandmother.  Jason acted as proxy for my grandpa, great grandpa, and my two great, great grandfathers.  I wish I could convey that depth of my joy at having given my family the opportunity to accept the gospel.  I often feel a wall up between my family and myself as far as things spiritual go.  They do not believe the way my mother and I do, and I wish that they did.  Just so that we could connect on a much deeper level.  And even more so, I wish they could have the joy and peace that comes from knowing our Saviour.  I am really looking forward to going back to the temple to perform the other ordinances for my ancestors.  I get a shot of adrenaline and excitement  in my veins whenever I think about it!  After the temple, Jason and I babysat both the Law kids and the McNair kids while they doubled and went to see Savior of the World.  It was really fun.  The kids played, danced, ate, watched a movie and finally fell asleep on the family room floor watching the Christmas Tree lights.  Jason and I get to go see Savior of the World in December with our family.  I am so excited!

Sunday was definitely a hangover day.  I spent the entire day in bed with a Migraine headache.  I think I had too many  late nights and maybe even too much fun!  Noo…just too many late nights. 🙂  When I was finally able to pull myself out of bed about 5:30pm, we put up the rest of our Christmas decorations.  The kids had a BALL decorating the tree.  Every year we each get a new ornament.  This is a tradition that my family has done since I was a baby.  So we have a great time every year reliving the previous Christmases through the different ornaments we have.

Last night we had family home evening and I have posted a video of Kayla singing to us.  We let each kid pick a song to sing at the beginning of the evening.  Last night, Kayla wanted to sing to us instead of all of us singing together.  She is so darn cute!!  On this note, I have to mention Garion.  Over the last few weeks and for the coming 10 weeks we are on a quest to memorize the articles of Faith.  We are doing one a week for FHE and then review it off and on through out the next week.  Jason already knows them all, but Garion and I have now memorized the first 3.  I am really amazed at how fast Garion is picking them up.  We review it a couple times at FHE and then he is good to go.  Some of the ones coming up are quite long, but I am not worried at all.  It has been really fun actually, because just with the first 3, we have been able to explain parts of the gospel to Garion that he had questions about.  Things that we hadn’t covered in previous lessons, or things that are a little more advanced that what he would learn in his primary class in school.
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I am sooo sad to hear of Elder Wirthlins death last night.  He was one of my favorite apostles.  I pray that his testimony can now live on through each of us.