Poop Panic!!

I can barely see while I am writing this since my eyes are still recovering from PRK. But I couldn’t let the opportunity go by to tell everyone about our little experience this morning. Jason has been taking the kids to Jeremy and Heathers house for the last few days so that I can lay in bed all day with my eyes closed and ice packs on (Thanks Heather!). Except on Tuesday when they played at my friend Michelle’s house. (Thanks Michelle!)

This morning I was trying to help the kids get dressed and the girls to get their hair done so they could leave on time with Jaosn. Brynn is 2 years old right now and ready to potty train. I have been waiting, however, for a time that was convienient to me to train her. A time when we will be home for a week or two with out many places to go. Well, I don’t think I can put it off much longer. Brynn wanted to sit on her potty and “go potty” just like Kayla this morning. When they were finished I had this brilliant idea to just fix their hair while we were already in the bathroom. Even though Brynn didn’t have a diaper on. I did Brynn first, rather quickly. Then it was Kayla’s turn. She wanted pig tails. Slightly more time consuming, but still easy when she holds still. Just as I was putting the last loop on her second pig tail, I hear Brynn start to scream. It started out as a normal I am unhappy scream. This can relate to anything in life that makes Brynn unhappy. Which is usually anything that doesn’t give her what she wants. I wasn’t too concerened. However, in a matter of seconds her scream went from “I am unhappy” to “Somebody save me I am DYING!!” screaming. Needless to say I was very concerned, so I abandoned Kayla’s hair and ran into the bedroom to see what crazy monster Brynn was fighting for her life. Really I excepted to se her hanging from the bunkbed about to fall or something. I almost laughed out loud at the scene presented to me.

Brynn was standing in the middle of three little piles of poop with some on her hand and all over her feet. This was Brynn’s first experience pooping without a diaper on. It scared her to death!! She was completely panicking trying to step away from it, but everytime she tried to walk away she would step in it. Making her panic more. IIt was really quite funny, if you can just not think about the grossness of it all. 🙂 Especially because Brynn has a small case of OCD when it comes to being dirty. She HATES it. It is most apparent at meal times when she stops eating and refuses to contiue until you wipe off her hands and clothes or bib or whatever it is on her person that is dirty. I am not sure if she is this way at other peoples houses when I am not there. But at home, she is very picky about it. So try to imagine if you will a bare butt naked little Brynn standing in poop trying to figure out what is happening to her while screaming at the top of her lungs and trying to run away but can’t because she has poop on her feet and can’t walk.

If I had had the presence of mind to make her stand there in it while I got my camera, I would have taken a picture. But that would have been cruel anyway. I will just have to try to keep my camera more handy so it can be used in emergencies next time.

I have been putting off potty training for several months now. I guess my time is up. Once we cross the poop line, it has to be done. Oh joy!! But the upside is that we won’t have to pay for diapers anymore!