Pirate Utah?

Thanks to Levi for this link from ars technicha today.  The link tells of people believing they can get the Pirate Party, started in the US, beginning with Utah of all places. 

The founder of the original Swedish Pirate Party spoke at OSCON this year (link) which explained very well the basic premise of the party, and made several very valid points.  I think he was pretty straightforward about the fact that even if they didn’t win, they at least caused other parties to assume their copyright stance, or evaluate what they had.

Now frankly I see the chances of the Pirate Party in the US as basically nil.  Besides the mental and now largely legal lock in to two parties (there’s a big soapbox to get on), the whole “Pirate” theme for a political party would be shunned by so many clueless folks.  With that said, I do hope it can help get the message out.  Who knows, maybe old Orrin Hatch could pay attention, he’s got plenty to learn 🙂  Wonder how long until we get this discussed on the PLUG list.

Utah Pirate Party