MySQL Me Harder

Yes, this was the announcement title from Ivan today as he pushed out the door the return of MySQL support in Freeside.  Now all those people who have hesitated to try out freeside from lack of PostgreSQL experience, or simply wanting unification in their MySQL infrastructure can get started.  The notes for installation from Ivan are:

You’ll need DBIx::DBSchema 0.35 from CPAN or


Last Minute Asterisk

As a last minute trip, I’ll be heading out Wednesday to Astricon to assist Ivan in presenting Freeside to the Asterisk community.  Hopefully we’ll be able to help a lot of people and companies understand how their billing needs are already met with open source.

Oh, and the hackathon time will be really nice too.  Thanks to jsmith and sisd for helping me out with the trip.  If you want to learn about how to bill, or even account for Asterisk calls with open source, look us up, we’ll be featured in the Open Source Showcase.

Utah Open Source Discounts

Yes, the registration is now running on the Utah Open Source Conference.  This is a great opportunity to learn and network with all the Utah area Business and Technology folks, so make sure you sign up.

If you are interested in going, and a member of the Provo Linux Users Group, then contact me (jason) at to receive your discount code.  And yes, it’s a *really* good deal with the code.