A week of stories!

This last week and a half has been a very fun one!  My last blog I was leaving for Denver to visit my brother for his wedding reception.  Josh and Jackie were actually married in July in Puerto Rico, which was the trip of a life time and I am very blessed to have been there with my entire family!  But not everyone could be there, so they had a reception for everyone else last weekend; technically two weekends ago now.  It was a cocktail party at the beautiful home of a close family friend named Debbie.  So, to start at the beginning, Kayla, Brynn and I left Friday morning and drove 4 hours without stopping once to Glenwood Springs, where we met my parents, Grandmother, Josh and Jackie.  They drove up from Denver to meet us and to see the city where Jackie’s family has taken family vacations since childhood.  After a good lunch at Rib City and a walk around the town, we headed on to Denver.  It was VERY nice to have my mom with me for this portion of the ride.  It is really hard to drive long distances and I have a bad habit of sleeping in the car.  I am always terrified that I am going to fall asleep behind the wheel.  The longer the drive, the more worried I am.  So, the last part of the drive was fun and full of stimulating conversation. I was very proud of my girls!   They didn’t fight or complain once the whole way there!  We had pizza for dinner and had a great evening talking.

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Asternak! :)

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Asternak! 🙂

My sister Megan and her fiance’ Chuck arrived around Midnight, but the girls and I were already asleep, so we saw them in the morning.  It was wonderful to see Megan!  It has been about 2 years since I saw her last.  It was also the first time I have met Chuck.  They are to be married on June 20th, 2009!  I can’t wait!  I really liked Chuck a lot.  He seemed to be the perfect gentleman.  They make a great couple and I am very happy for them.

After breakfast, the girls and I took a nice little drive to Brighton to visit my best friend, Lori.  We spent the morning and early afternoon with her and Jonathan.  It was sooo good to see her again!  We talked, ate Chinese food

Kayla took this for us all by herself!

Kayla took this for us all by herself!

and after lunch, we took the kids to the park!  The only down part of the day was that Jonathan threw up in the car on the way to the park.  Poor guy!  But he then played and seemed fine at the park.  Lori and I have been friends since 5th grade.  I am so grateful that she lives somewhere I can visit her often!  At least as often as I get to visit my brother!  🙂

Saturday night, we hired some babysitters for the three kids and after we got all dolled up, we went to the cocktail party!  I was so mad because I forgot my camera!  So, when I get pictures forwarded to me from my mom or Megan, then I will post some from the party.  It was FABULOUS!!  There was a beautiful appetizer table, a chocolate fountain, the amazing cake, an open kayla_at_park_denverbar, and a poker table.  The party started at 7 and we made it home around 1am.  I was worried about being at a party that late.  It seems that since I have had kids, I get so tired so early!  But we had the most wonderful time I didn’t even notice the hour!  I was the desiganated driver to get Josh, Jackie, Megan and Chuck home.  Although, Megan didn’t really drink that much and could have driven also.  But I was happy to take on the role.  If you can believe it, that was the first party I have ever been to that served alchohol.

Sunday Morning, we all got a bit of a slow start.  My girls had me up bright and early before 7.  I told them to go find Chuck!  🙂  SInce he so kindly volunteered to get up with them in the morning!  🙂  But before Kayla made it to him, she found Steve, who was nice enough to get her breakfast and turn on some cartoons.  However, Brynn had me out of bed only a half hour later.  I was hoping to see Josh and Jackie open their gifts, but unfortunatley, we had

Brynn discovered Cap'n Crunch Sunday.  Loved it!

Brynn discovered Captain Crunch Sunday. Loved it!

to leave to drive home before everyone was ready for that.  We left about noon, after lunch and a power nap for me.    The drive home was long, but not too bad.  We made it to Green River in one step, then stopped there for dinner.  After that, Brynn had had it in the car and cried the rest of the way home.  She slept for about 30 minutes in the middle, but before and after that, she cried.  Needless to say, I went as fast as I could to get home without guaranteeing myself a ticket.  Luckily, no ticket and I made it home about 9 that night.

Garion and Jason had an awesome father/son weekend.  Friday night, Jason helped his mom move to her new room at Jamestown while Garion played at his friend, Tyler’s house.  Then on Saturday, they went shooting, to Cabelas, to a movie, to dinner, and they rode on Jason’s

Kayla and Jake!  What CUTE cousins!!

Kayla and Jake! What CUTE cousins!!

motorcycle!  Guy heaven!

The week since then has been a good one.  No huge happenings, just school and church and the normal.  Jason had Plug meeting Wednesday night and after the kids went to bed, I took the baby monitor and hang out with my neighbors.  It was fun to be with them since we haven’t really hang out for  awhile.  We use to get together all the time!  But school had throw our schedule off and I miss them!

We had a great experience this weekend with Garion.  He really is turning into a young man with wisdom and understanding.  It was a simple thing, but it made me proud.  He came to me Saturday morning with tears in his eyes saying he wanted to fast that day.  Let me preface this story by saying that on fast Sunday this month I approached him and asked him to fast with me.  I just figured that since he is turning 8 in the beginning of the year, he is old enough to learn this principle.  I explained to him that once a month we fast, or give up two meals to show  Heavenly Father that we are willing to sacrifice to show our gratitude for the blessings we have received and to show that we are willing to sacrifice to receive blessings.  I told him that we fast with the ward once a month for the members of the ward and we have the ability and opportunity to fast any other time we want to if we have a special need or desire or problem.  Fasting helps us to become closer to the spirit to hear the promptings of the Lord.  After my explanation of fasting, Garion refused.  He said he didn’t want to give up breakfast and be hungry.  I wasn’t surprised, he is only 7 after all.  But I fasted that day that he would have a desire to fast so he could gain a testimony for himself of the blessings and peace that fasting can bring.  So this weekend, when he came to me telling me he wanted to fast, I knew my prayer had been answered.  It just isn’t in the nature of boys to give up their food willingly. 🙂  I asked him what he wanted to fast about.  He had tears in his eyes so I knew it must be something dear to him.  He said he wanted to fast for Willow.  Our cat.  I asked why to which he responded “I don’t want her to die!”  Willow is 16 years old and has a huge tumor on her neck.  She is losing weight and has no teeth.  We are sure the end is fairly near for her.  Garion must have heard Jason and I talking about it sometime in the past.  I suggested to him that we wait and fast the next day, Sunday, when we didn’t have any big activities planned.  Also, that way we could start our fast during our bedtime prayers that evening.  I also suggested that we only fast until lunch time, since it was his first time.  He agreed.  So, at bedtime, Garion and I started our fast for Willow.  When he woke up in the morning, he remembered his purpose and went without food even though Kayla, Brynn and Daddy had breakfast in front of him.  About 10 am, he said he was starting to feel sick from hunger, so we said a prayer that we would be strong, that the hunger pains would leave and that we would remember Willow and be guided as to how to help her and if we cannot, that we would have the strength to endure.  That was the only time throughout the fast that Garion complained.  He made it until 12:30pm.  At which time he ended his fast with a prayer and ate lunch.  At bed time Sunday night, he told me he wants to fast for Willow again on the upcoming fast Sunday.  Only he wants to go all the way till dinner.

It makes my heart sing to see Garion turning to the Lord with his feelings and trials.  Nothing is to trivial for Heavenly Father and when we place our faith in Him, he will always answer our prayers and guide us.  I know this from my own personal experience.  And now, Garion is learning it for himself as well.  The blessings of the Lord abound!  I am grateful!