It’s Cold!!

Hello out there!

This week has brought the winter weather.  I am so glad Halloween was so beautiful!  At least we were able to enjoy fall weather before it turned bitter.  But now it is cold.  I went running this morning in 20 degree weather.  Burr!!  It is a little bit annoying because some people have npot turned off their sprinklers yet, so there were quite a few icy patches on the sidewalks.  Garion tried to ride his bike to school this morning and dids a nice little slide on a patch of ice.  His bike fell over and he hurt his leg.  🙁  He will be fine, but I ended up driving him the short distance because he was afraid to ride his bike anymore.  Can’t say that I blame him.  Guess we will have to have a little lesson on what ice looks like and how to avoid it!

The week has been pretty uneventful, with Tuesday being the HUGE exception.  Election day.  It was rainy and cold here.  I was glad that I voted early so I didn’t have to brave the lines or the weather.  Personally, I am not happy about the election results.  I am glad that our country has gotten over it’s prejudices enough to elect a man not of caucasion descent.  However, I do not like Obama’s policies or plans for our country.  With that being said, we spent Tuesday night at our friends house watching the results and eating brownies.  It was a fun evening, though it ended earlier then I thought it would with the electoral votes coming so soon.  It was a really satisfying day with Garion.  He is old enough now that Jason and I were able to really explain to him the election process and he understood it.  He asked questions all day and we were able to talk about a couple of the issues in general.  He was really interested in all that was happening.  The voting location for our district was at his school, so he was further able to see the election process in action throughout the day.  While at our friends house, he wasn’t too keen on sitting and watching the tv, but his last question of the day was “Who won the election?  Who is our new president?”  I was really happy that he was able to somewhat understand the signifigance of the day.  He is a smart cookie!

Kayla and Brynn got new dresses at Costco.  So Cute!!

Kayla and Brynn got new dresses at Costco. So Cute!!

Monday night we went to costco and they had the most delicious looking strawberries!  We bought some and yesterday I made jam with them.  It turned out fabulously!  Other then that, it has been a slow week.  I am really excited because tomorrow morning the girls and I leave to go to Colorado for my brothers wedding reception!  It is a cocktail party and is going to be fabulous!  My parents, grandmother, and hopefully brother and sister, Byron and Megan, will be there.  I love family time and I am gratefull that we have been able to work it out for us to go.  Garion is staying home with Jason for a “guys” weekend! 🙂  They will be helping Jason’s mom, Lauri, move from the room she is currently in to a new room outside the enhanced care unit at Jamestown.  That is a long story, but to make it short, her room was given to someone else at the last minute, accidentally.  To make up for it, Jamestown gave her a room in the enhanced care unit for the same cost as the studio she would have had.  Now a new studio has opened and she gets it!  It will be wonderful for her to finally be in her permanent place.  Without the midnight visits from people who aren’t exactly there! 🙂  Well, I probably won’t be posting again until Monday, since I will be in beautiful Colorado!  Have a great weekend!      ~ Kelly