Start-Up Challenge

The Amazon Start-Up Challenge has begun.  Got an idea you want to try out? Now’s your chance to play with it on the AWS cluster.  Try using their services to get your system started and you could win a bit of money.

This is pretty cool, I’ve been starting to play a little with the EC2 + S3 combination, and interested in the other fun toys like FPS and SQS.  Now, how should I use it…


So this post serves two purposes.  One is to remind folks that tonight (Wednesday the 8th of September) is the Plug meeting, Mid-Career Development.  Robert Merril, local recruiter for SOS Technical will be presenting on various tips and tricks for making yourself be a desired asset.

What he is also pushing, is for feedback on why geeks like me tend to hate recruiters, and what can be fixed.  So here goes some of my notes.

The average recruiter to me seems like most used car salesmen.  They are willing to say, or do, anything to meet what they want.  What’s worse than the average car salesman is that they are negotiating with two separate parties.  Most talks with recruiters to me seem to be cold contacts, with stories that I can see through in moments, and leave me feeling like I need to seek out a public clinic.  There are exceptions of course, and I’d like to point out some of the things that I feel stand out.

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