MySQL Me Harder

Yes, this was the announcement title from Ivan today as he pushed out the door the return of MySQL support in Freeside.  Now all those people who have hesitated to try out freeside from lack of PostgreSQL experience, or simply wanting unification in their MySQL infrastructure can get started.  The notes for installation from Ivan are:

You’ll need DBIx::DBSchema 0.35 from CPAN or


Come See My Presentation

Hopefully this is a logo you’ll see a lot of soon, Come check out all of us presenting at the UTOS conference.  Just contact me, or another LUG or business group leader for your discount code (only $40 for everything).  Well worth the admission, and it goes directly towards helping your local Open Source groups and projects.


For anybody interested in billing for an ISP or ASP situation, come check out my presentation on Advanced Billing in Freeside.