Aliens in the Rockies VIII

Aliens VIII is coming up at the end of this month folks.  And what is it? Why Aliens in the Rockies is the longest running, and largest scenario paintball game in Utah.  Scenario Paintball is the big game with several hundred players competing in a large story based adventure.  If you are interested in big games, learning, this is the one for you.
Aliens in the Rockies has a storyline based off fusing the popular Aliens, Predator, and Terminator movies.  There are goals for the whole team, as well as individuals and squads.  Every person can be an important piece of the puzzle, and enjoy various styles of play.

This year, Team DesertEdge is going to be the generals for the “Mercenaries” team, so you can sign up to play with a semi-pro team (and others), instead of having to be afraid of fighting against us.  This is the type of game where you can shine even if it’s your first time playing, and you have a great chance to learn with some of the best players in Utah, and surrounding states. Also, by signing up early, you can discuss with us overall plans before arriving at the field.

Hit me up with questions, but plan on coming, this is a major game, and a great chance to play alongside a lot of friends.  Come alone, or bring friends, and the teams will work with you in the largest game you can experience in Utah.

Pictures from Aliens VII
Aliens FAQ