Intermediate Perl

The recent upgrade to what was a very useful book. When it came out, I reviewed the originally named “Learning Perl Objects and References”, with very high marks. It was a book targeted for an unfulfilled niche in the Perl book market. That extremely important step from the ==
Learning Perl
== book and into the world of full development.

Read on for my overall review…

Ice Age 2

So, one of Garion’s favorite birthday presents was tickets and candy for “Ice Age 2”:;fc=2;ft=21;fm=1 . What a winner. Not too much to really say, yes it is a sequel. If you liked the first one, you’ll love this one. Plenty of new comedy on now established characters. Enough jokes for the adults, and it sure kept my son laughing the whole time. An excellent movie to take the kids to, and still enjoyable for just adults.


So I forgot to bring my current books home for the weekend, which means I’m getting behind in reviews. I was also rather upset at not having my reading material at home.

Marsee must have seen the future though, when lo and behold, a copy of the new “Intermediate Perl”: was there waiting for me. Got a good start on that, but now I’m reading three books at once… d’oh.

Hopefully will have some fun reviews soon.

Black Hole

Saturday night, Kelly and I went out to the “Clark Planetarium”: . We just missed a seating for “Magnificent Desolation”: , but we were just in time to hit their new “Black Holes”: . Quite a good show. Some great graphics that take advantage of the 3d-dome to help you feel what it’s like to be at a black hole, the feel of passing the event horizon. It attempts to help understand relativity, in somewhat layman’s terms, although I think it was glossed over a little too much.

They also made one mention of white holes, when describing the theory of the wormhole/bridge but didn’t explain them at all 🙁

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience, and would recommend checking it out. For all my Star Trek geek friends, the narration is done by the guy who played ‘Q’, no biggie for me, but he did a good job.


So on saturday we went to see “Hoodwinked”: , a new CG style kids movie. I was quite surprised. From the previews I wasn’t quite sure how I would like it. The animation looked very dark, and not too impressive, and I couldn’t tell what storyline was.

Well after watching it, I’ll say I was pleasantly impressed. The animation for ‘Red’ did still bug me, but the rest of the characters were quite good. The story was fun, and the voice talent was excellent. Plenty of humor for parents and kids. Garion really had fun with the whole thing.

I did learn that Kelly hasn’t ever seen “Fletch”:;fc=1;ft=21;fm=1 they deliverately use the Fletch character for the wolf, which had me laughing quite hard when other people weren’t 🙂