Geeky Paintball

Yes folks, I’ve known I’m not the only geek into paintball for a long time. But you know it’s reaching critical mass when “WIRED reviews Scenario Paintball”:

Remember, if you ever want to try, first ones free (well, kinda :-p)

Triad Challenge

Paradox Games is hosting a new kind of paintball scenario game this weekend, the “Triad Challenge”: . This will be a very interesting event, based on “SPPL”: rules, except utilizing *three* teams. This is a great chance to try playing with some big teams, that will coach both new and moderate players on advanced tactics.

If you are interested in trying out the game, as always, contact me. I have some equipment I can loan to the first people who can commit to attending.

Dye I3 Pro

Ahh it’s a new year, and it’s time to get some paintball on. After a couple of crazy weeks at work, consisting of large roll outs, excructiating QA sessions _of course any QA with “a certain geek we all know”: is excrutiating_ I was ready for some serious action. And thus we came to “Desert Edge’s”: first woodsball practice of the season.

Now, One of the *most* important pieces of equipment a person has in paintball is their mask. The mask keeps your eyes safe, and you must keep it on at all times on the field. Paintball masks are a special kind of goggle, made to handle high-velocity impacts, and many of them.
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