Happy Thanksgiving!!

Daddy and BRynn playing Patty-Cake

Daddy and Brynn playing Patty-Cake

I love this holiday!  It gives us all cause to stop, reflect, acknowledge and then express gratitude for our blessings.  I have so many blessings in my life.  Too many to name here.  But a few of them are a wonderful, supportive, loving husband who is my best friend and soul mate.  3 beautiful children who are my light and joy.  An awesome mother who is my guiding light, my example and my other best friend!  I have a great family!  Even though most of us are separated by large distances, I know they are there for me and I hope that they all know I am there for them for anything!  I love them all dearly!  I am surrounded by friends on all sides.  I am so grateful for my girlfriends.  We laugh, cry, commiserate, and party together as mothers, women, wives and friends.  I have a roof over my head, food in my pantry, clothes on my back and good health.  I have the gospel of Jesus Christ, without which, I would be lost.  I am so grateful for my Savior!  I know He lives!  I know he knows me by name and he loves me!

Okay, it is not like me to be so publicly sentimental.  But there you go.  I am grateful for my life!

We usually wait until after Thanksgiving to put up our Christmas tree.  It seems like every year, these two holidays

Jason and Garion with the new tree.

Jason and Garion with the new tree.

get more and more mixed up. 😉  But we decided to buy a new, Pre-lit, tree this year instead of putting up the ratty 6 year old one we have stuffed up in the garage.  On Monday night we went to Cost Co and let the kids pick it out. It has been sitting in the entry way since.  There was no reason to put it away when we were just going to get it back out this weekend.  So, last night while I was cooking dinner, the kids were a little restless.  So we decided to put the tree up a little early.  The kids loved it!  They all helped and after it was up and the lights were on, all three of them ran around the tree, jumping and dancing and shouting!  Even Brynn kept pointing to the tree and yelling and laughing!  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!  Not long after, we ate dinner and Kayla decided it would be a great idea to eat dinner by Christmas Tree light.  So she proceeded to go around the house and turn off every light she could find!  Soon it was really dark, except for the tree lights.  Not quite enough to eat by, so Jason got out one of our oil lamps and we put on some Christmas music in the background and soon we had a very nostalgic atmosphere.  Kayla loved that we could see the tree lights reflecting in all the windows.  And Garion said “If you make your eyes blurry on purpose, the lights on the tree look like a bunch of fireworks!”  All in all it was a VERY fun evening.  Kayla was pretty upset that we didn’t do the ornaments last night too, but since they are hiding in the garage and we need to find them, it wasn’t happening.  Now that the tree is up there is a sense of anticipation and excitement for the next month.

This Friday, tomorrow :), is Black Friday.  I love this day.  I know it is weird, but I love the crowds, the good deals and the opportunity to shop all day!  Thanks to my sister-in-law, Heather, and her super kind heart, we are able to go without the kids.  They are so excited to spend the night at their cousins house so Jason and I can get an early start tomorrow morning.  Brynn will be staying with us, but Jason is going to drop her off when he goes n the morning.  Since he will be leaving a little later than me.  I am hopefully going to be going about 4:30am with my friend Michelle.  Gotta beat the crowds!  I have a list of stores to go to and items to buy.  SO FUN!!

This last week has been a really fun one.  Last Thursday night, I went to the midnight release of Twilight.  As most

Twilight Group!

Twilight Group!

of you know, I am completely obsessed with this story.  The night was awesome!  There was a group of 15 of us in the end.  My friend Jana and her friend and I went to dinner at Applebees and waited there for the rest of the group to arrive.  They met us for dessert and it was a party from then on!  We made our way to the theater and it was a MADHOUSE!!  There were 20 screens in the theater we went to, and all 20 had sold out midnight showings.  We figured there were over 3000 people there.  Some even dressed up for a prom promotion they had going on.  (At least I am not THAT obsessed.:))  Anyway, the movie was FABULOUS!!  I loved it.  They followed the story line really well.  I was a little worried.  They had to change or cut out a few of the details to make it flow better on the big screen, but it didn’t take away from the story.  So it was good.  It was a little low budget, and you could tell in the special effects, but I still really liked it.  And now that they know they have made enough to make New Moon, we can look forward to better effects and such.  Can you believe they made 70 MILLION on midnight showings alone!  Crazy!

Friday night we went to Tyler’s birthday party.  Garion’s best friend.  They ate pizza and played Kung Fu Panda.  That is a great movie.  I love that the cartoon movies are geared toward adult humor as well as kids entertainment.  It makes watching them a really enjoyable experience for all involved. 🙂

Last Thursday Kayla and I both got injured. 🙂  It is worth mentioning because they were not just little injuries.  Kayla and her friend McKenna decided to play in McKenna’s basement even though it is off limits and under construction.  I am not sure what they were doing, but a piece of framing fell on Kayla’s foot.  It landed on the top of the foot right above the big toe.  There as a nice inch long cut and a pretty purple bruise to follow.  She was, understandable, so upset that she wouldn’t let Michelle near her.  So I had to make the trek across the back yard to get her.  For those of you who don’t know, we are back yard neighbors and we have a gate that connects us.  When I got there, I picked her up and started to walk home.  But I was wearing my red ballet slipper shoes and they have no traction.  So, as I was about to walk down the 3 stairs out of the back of Michelle’s house, I fell.  With Kayla in my arms.  Man, that hurt.  As I lifted my right foot to step off the stair, my left foot sipped off the edge of the landing I was standing on.  So both of my feet were in the air and I landed on my rear end on the edge of the landing and then bounced down a stair, hitting the edge of that stair too before I came to rest on the second stair down.  All this while I have Kayla in my arms so I can’t even try to break my fall with my hands.  She added a nice 35 pounds to the weight that hit the edge of the landing.  I had to sit there for a good 3-4 minutes before I could even breath.  Kayla was screaming “Don’t put me down!”  and I was trying not cry in front of my friend Michelle who saw everything.  I finally managed to get up and carry Kayla home, bandage her foot and then try to asses my own damage.  I had no idea that my body could turn the color of eggplant.  I have a nice bruise that is about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide and the color of egg plant.  I still can’t sit straight and I can’t run or walk fast or do anything will make the muscles back there move.  Ouch.

Well, that about sums up this last week.  My friend Krissy and her boys came over yesterday to play for the morning.  We had a great visit!  And today is Thansgiving.  We are going to Jeremy and Heathers house for dinner and games.  Tomorow I go shopping and Saturday we will hopefully sleep and recover. 🙂

OSCON Slides

A large number of the slides from OSCON 07 are now available online (OSCON Slides).  This year there are several of the keynotes that have been recorded also.  While many sessions aren’t available, a good number are, and can give you a taste of what was there.  Some will obviously be more useful than others in the way the content was written, but and excellent resource.

YouTube Channel
Blip Keynote Videos


I’ll admit, I’ve become a nintendo DS and Wii nut recently.  It’s a convincing package, and I’m supporting it.  The newly announced WiiFit stuff looks really interesting (strangely).  But I just had to laugh when I was passed this video from sarcasticgamer.com (If I did this right, I hope, the video wont’ show on aggregators/rss, so you folks can click to see if you want)

Embedding Mormon.org Videos

Recently I was passed this interesting article describing the ways you can embed videos from The LDS Church’s mormon.org in your blog/website/about me page.


The basic rundown solves the issue that I was looking for.  Which is the desire to “Web 2.0” embed video content from another source (yes, hotlinking is now in with permission).  In this case from mormon.org, which is not by nature a fully user managed site.  The basic concept of it doesn’t allow for complete outside control, for reasons I can accept for now.  But the new videos are an excellent tool that  I would like to use.

The article also suggests some enhancements that normal geeks recognize from other shared media sites that are lacking, such as automated redirecting to mormon.org.  This of course is something that would be likely included if that was the design of the product, and hopefully I can help bubble the idea upstream to listening ears.

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I’m more than happy to admit that I really don’t watch all that many TV shows.  I actually avoid the tv most of the time, and when I do watch, it falls in a very narrow spectrum of TV.  However last spring I was drawn into a new TV show on Fox, called Drive. I quickly began to enjoy the show, and knew that was a bad sign.  As fox normally does with actually interesting shows, they canceled it right away.

There were, however, two more episodes finished, that they never aired.  While we still miss out on what could have been, at least you can now watch those two.  The last two ‘Drive’ episodes are now available online.

Just Gliffy

So “Dan”:http://www.brainshed.com pointed me over to “Gliffy”:http://www.gliffy.com . Using their free trial right now, and I gotta say I’m impressed. Flash based, but it works really well.

Of course it has nice features such as collaboration, public/private content, version control, Yahoo Image Search, and more.

Of course, sheer random images are fun to blog too.


Enjoyable Vista Review

Local Geek “Chalain”:http://chalain.livejournal.com/ has a “great Vista Review, entitled _So Beautiful, So Disturbing_”:http://chalain.livejournal.com/43015.html

One of the better reads I’ve had about it recently. A teaser of this great writeup follows:

??She gets out of bed and stretches, perfect curves sliding under silky lingerie and momentarily making me forget about breakfast, meatloaf, and whoever it was I was married to before last night. She seems to know this, and smiles at me again, but apparently she’s serious about making breakfast. She turns and strides confidently from the room. As she does, I see for the first time the large Microsoft logo splayed across her back. My stomach lurches as I suddenly remember everything.??

??Windows Vista. I bought a new computer yesterday… and it came with Windows Vista.??

Go ahead, “read the rest”:http://chalain.livejournal.com/43015.html

Freeside 1.7 Released

And now that I’ve presented on a lot of the included features of “Freeside”:http://sisd.com/freeside It’s nice to show the latest version is now announced stable. Read the “changelog here”:http://www.sisd.com/mediawiki/index.php/Freeside:1.7:Changelog

Now I can work on getting a few more commits in. If you’ve been using 1.5.8 or earlier, you should seriously look at the great features that 1.7 can offer.