Moving Right Along

Yes, I’m moving on.  It’s time for me to go to a new place, so I’m starting to troll along with my resume for anything interesting.  I won’t go into my reasons here, as I am still employed 🙂 but would like to find something new.

If for some reason you are reading this and don’t know what I do, or what I’m good at, wow, I’m surprised 🙂 but here goes a little.

I’m a very experienced Perl programmer,with previous experience in the usuals (C, C++), but those are pretty outdated in terms of experience.  The larger part of my experience and background is in dealing with Billing and Finance applications, and large scale replicating site/cms tools.  I’m a core developer on the Freeside billing system,  and heavily involved with the local Open Source community.  Go ahead, check out the resume –

Perl 5.10 for all

For those that haven’t already heard, perl 5.10 was just released for perls 20th birthday.  I had hoped to note this earlier, but was in my car the last two days transporting the family to the Holiday festivities.  So, what’s with 5.10? why a big deal for just another small release?  Well, unlike some languages that change major version numbers at each small release, Perl has actually kept its numbering sane.  So what is in 5.10?  A lot of new features, many of which were specifically brought down from the perl6 design.

Syntactic things like the say operator, built in switch statement, smart match, named regex captures, regex plugins and more.  Add to that interpreter improvements for speed and memory.

A good help with understanding some of the new syntactic sugar can be found in Ricardo’s Slides

Geek Paintball

A big thanks to our friends at Tier 4 for buying 15 cases of marballizer paint, and inviting all of us to play.  It was a great day for paintball with beautiful weather, lots of fun players (both first timers, and experienced people), and plenty of action.  It was fun to begin setting up teams by calling out for .RPM vs .DEB, and then watch as destruction happened in various game formats.

Make sure to thank the sponsors, and maybe they’ll buy for us again!  If you did enjoy it and would like to do it again, also let us at UTOS know, so we can plan more activities for the groups in Utah.  Also thanks to the non-geek Team DesertEdge members for helping out with team balance, and keeping the games moving 🙂


markmail.pngWow, this is a pretty darn nice email list search tool.  You can easily filter into topics, such as Perl Lists, or Apache Lists and get some very nice analytics along with your search.  Boxes gives trending on your search topic, breakdown of attachments, and which email lists are included.  They seem to have already included some of your average geek favorite toys, such as: (though not all exposed in the interface yet)

  • keyboard shortcuts (n,p,j,k)
  • sorting (add order:date-forward or order:date-backward to query)
  • negation (-extension:ppt)
  • header filters(subject: extension: list: type:)

Leatherman Skeletool

leatherman-skeletool.jpgOoh, and as we move towards the “Gimmie” season, I always love seeing the new products companies come out with to vie for my attention.  Well Leatherman has a very interesting new tool that looks quite cool.  The Leatherman Skeletool.  I currently love the Leatherman Wave that I carry, but this one has some spiffiness that cannot be denied.  I really like the look, the increased blade width, and the dual purpose carabiner/bottle opener.  It doesn’t offer quite as many  “tools” as my wave, but covers the important parts, in a sexy new look, and especially in the CF body, a very nice weight.