February and March

The last month and a half has been full of both adventure and normalcy for us. 🙂

It has been an especially busy time for Garion.  Basketball has been going very well for Garion.  We have watched him improve substantially in his defensive manuvers and handling of the ball.  He has become good at blocking his assigned person and at stealing the ball.  He had a couple almost baskets and he has excellent sportsmanship.  Garion also turned 9 last Friday!  He had a Poke’mon party with 10 of his friends and it was a blast!  It was kinda weird because the boys were so quiet!  I am use to Kayla and her friends running around screaming and screeching.  But the boys huddled in the middle of the living room floor and payed Poke’mon for the first hour of the party.  We had pizza and bread sticks for dinner and then they all ran around playing guns and a few played the Wii.  I tried to make a Poke’mon cake in the shape of Garion’s favorite character, Archeus.  It wasn’t my fines cake ever, but  Garion liked it so I guess that is all that matters.  After the party Garion had his cousin Spencer and his best friend Tyler spend the night.  They stayed up till 11:30pm and woke up bright and early at 7:30 the next morning.  I think they spent the time looking at Garion’s plethara of new Poke’mon, playing the Wii and reading comics.  Saturday, Garion played in his last Basketball game, went shooting with Jason, and had dinner with some more friends.  All in all it was a fabulous birthday for him!  In addition to turning 9, Garion earned his wolf badge!  He has worked hard, mainly over the last 3 months instead of the year, to make all the requirements and get his badge.  I am so proud of him! Here are some pictures of the events and the many faces of Garion.

Kayla has been as happy as ever.  She is working hard in school. Though I struggle to get her to do her homework.  She has discovered the fun of makeup and insists on wearing it almost everyday.  I am trying to teach her that less is more and how to blend.  Some days she listens and others she just looks a little bit clownish. 🙂  Kayla’s newest fettish is baths.  She LOVES them!  She wants to take multiple baths everyday.  Usually I can keep it down to one, but sometimes she won’t even ask, I will just find her in the bath.  At least she is clean. 🙂

Brynn had quite the adventure in February.  Most of you know already that she decided to take the dog for a walk all by herself.  She was coloring on the floor in the living room while I went upstairs to get dressed.  I came back down about 10 minutes later, and found that both her and Sophie were gone.  The first thing I did was call the neighbors to make sure she didn’t go play.  Then I walked down to the park, because last summer she escaped several times to the park and slides without my permission.  When I couldn’t find them there, I really started to panic.  I got in the car and started driving around the neighborhood.  I called m neighbor, Michelle, and asked her to call and start our neighborhood phone tree.  After about 20 minutes I called Jason and could barely talk because I was crying so hard!!  He told me to call the police to get assistance in the search.  I was very impressed with the promptness of the deputies and their thoroughness.  They searched the house from top to bottom looking in every nook and cranny they could find.  Everywhere from the  closets to the dryer to inside the freezers!  When they were satisfied Brynn wasn’t hiding in the house, they joined the search outside.  I am soo deeply touch by the response of our neighbors!  Word got out on Facebook and through the phone tree and people came from everywhere to help look.  There were people out driving, hiking up the mountain, and walking door to door all looking for Brynn.  I don’t think it is possible to convey my gratitude for all their help and prayers.  For an hour, Brynn was out walking.  My neighbor Julie is the one who found her a mile away and about to walk to into a huge field.  Sophie, the best dog ever, was still with her.  She was cold, and very tired, but otherwise unhurt.  Her first two sentences to me were “Mommy, I’m cold!  Mommy, I got lost!”  Needless to say, we are VERY grateful to have her back home safe and sound.  I have tighened my grip on her, so to speak.  I have learned the hard way, that I cannot let my guard down for even a second.  2 days later, in Joann Fabrics, I lost her again.  Only for about 5 minutes and I without much drama, but I about sent myself into a panic again when I realized she wasn’t next to me.  Brynn hasn’t been very happy when we go to the store lately, because she has to sit in the cart!  🙂  One last word on Brynn.  She has a new phrase that I find quite cute and funny.  Whenever she is asked a question that she wants to answer in the positive, she says “I believe so!”  In her cute squeeky voice, it is so funny to hear such a grown up phrase!

Jason has started his paintball season and will be making some trips to Mesquite for certain turnaments starting this month.  He is also currently taking a hunting course that he is fully enjoying.  Jason is also very excited for the spring season.  He spent the day yesterday in the yard pruning the plants, turning the compost pile, and starting to get things ready for the spring planting.  Fun, fun, fun!

I have started training for a marathon.  2 in fact.  The first one is in June in Utah Valley and the second one is in July on the 24 in Salt Lake.  I am 3 weeks into my training schedule and feeling very good about it.  I am also trying to find to motivation to get out in the yard and help in the spring preparations.  I am not the gardening type, but I have high hopes that I will find more enjoyment out of it this year then I did last year.  I am starting the season with a better attitude and an pretty sure that will help me.  I have been busy with a couple home improvement projects as well.  I finally finished painting the closet doors in the girls bedroom as well as hanging up the plates from my grandma, and a couple other pictures in there to give it a finished feeling.  I recovered my dining room chairs in a deep red vinyl that I love and I cleaned out and organized the big closet in our basement.  All in all a busy and productive couple of weeks. 🙂

I will try to keep you updated on a more regular basis, but as usual, we will see what happens!   Love you all!