5K Fun Run

On Saturday, I ran a 5k with my best friend Michelle.  It was a total blast!  The race was put on by a private school in American Fork called the American Legacy Academy.  It was the perfect little community run.  There were about 50 runners, give or take a few and the course was perfect.  Mostly flat with a little bit of incline and small hill at the end.  The registration was quick and thorough.  I was impressed with the efficiency of the volunteers at the end of the race.  As I crossed the finished line, they called out my time, took my bib number and moved on to the next person in a matter of seconds.  The time they called out was exactly the time on my personal stop watch as well.  The refreshments were good and Michelle even won a shirt at the raffle!

The best part of the race was that both Michelle and I made our personal best times!  Michelle took 7 and a half minutes off our fastest practice run time and finished at 32.37!!  I took about a minute off my personal best and came in at 22.09!  I am proud to say that I also came in 2nd overall for the women and 1st in my age group.  I even got a trophy!  I have been running in races since 9th grade and this is my first ever running trophy.  I have lots of medals, but the trophy is a new thing and much appreciated!  I would like to thank the American Legacy Academy for their hard work and the fun morning!

I have walked away from this run with a renewed determination to break some more personal records this summer.  I was, until now, just training for a half with Michelle for the fun of it.  But we are planning on running several other 5k’s and a 10k this summer.  I have found a nice intermediate training schedule on Cool Running that I am going to attempt to do while also training with Michelle.  Obviously, I will have to modify it so that I don’t run myself into the ground, but it should be a fun summer!  If all goes well,  I will be in really good shape at the end of the summer and I can attempt a more advanced training schedule for the LA marathon in 2010.

One thought on “5K Fun Run

  1. This is Heidi, not Scott. A couple of people in my neighborhood are getting a team ready to run the Wasatch Back Relay in June of 2010. (http://www.ragnarrelay.com/wasatchback/index.php) I know that you are getting ready to run the LA Marathon the month before, but thought that maybe you (or you and your friend) would like to come do this race with us. Let me know if you are interested.