In Memory of Willow

This morning I took our cat, Willow, to the vet.  We knew going in that she might not come home with us.  She is a little over 17 years old and has had a very long and happy life.  She was deeply loved by all of us in our family.  She had a very sweet disposition and loved to just cuddle and be pet all day.  I was accompanied by Kayla and Brynn, and then Jason came for the end.  It was a very difficult decision.  How do you decide when it is time to let a pet go?  Well, she had a huge tumor on her neck and severe arthritis.  The doctor thought she had either thyroid disease or kidney disease and was possibly diabetic.  When it came right down to it, we couldn’t afford to keep her alive.  And even if we did, it was just prolonging the inevitable with only “a chance” of improving her quality of life.

We held a family counsel last week where explained to the kids what might be coming to make it easier for them.  I think they all are handling it beautifully.  Kayla was even happy “That Willow was going to be living with Jesus again!”  That is, until she saw me lose it in the vets office.  I am a mess.  I can’t stop crying.  Willow was born on my bed and has been my cat ever since.  I love her and will miss her.  Now, I know I am being really sentimental here.  I have been very open about my trials with Willow in the past.  She pooped and peed everywhere and she, combined with our other cat Trix, have turned me irrevocably into a dog person.  But that being said, she has been a part of my life for a very long time and I loved her and I miss her already.

I guess, if there is a bright side to this tale, it is the learning experience it has turned into for the kids.  Kayla asked me on the way home from the Vet if it takes a long time to get to Heaven.  I told her it didn’t take any time at all and that Willow was already there healthy and happy.  When Jason told Garion that we had put her down, he got teary eyed and asked Jason if we could make her a headstone and take flowers to her in the future.

We will be burying her in the hills behind our house.

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2 thoughts on “In Memory of Willow

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. When I didn’t have pets I couldn’t understand what the big deal was, it’s just an animal. Now that I have animals and it comes down to deciding whether they live or die it’s such a hard decision. You made the right decision, you showed your love in the fact that you were willing to let her go even when you wanted her to stay.