Halloween Hangover!

Hello!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Ours was really fun.  In my last post I told you about the costume parade and the spider, but I thought I would put up a picture of the house finished with the webs, etc.  After Garion’s parade, the girls and I spent a little bit of time at our neighbors house and then loaded up in the car to go to Jason’s work Halloween party.  Garion was thrilled to get out of school early to go.  He told me it was the second time in his life to get checked out of school early.  The first time was last year to go to California and then this year to go to the party.  I had completely forgotten about last year, but it apparently made an impression on him!  Jason’s party was super fun!  There was a costume contest for any employee and/or member of their family.  The grand prize was $500 cash!  Crazy!  We didn’t win, but there were some really great costumes!  Next year we are going to get really creative.  I got an idea from a friend for this costume that looks like the person is riding on the shoulders of a dwarf.  It looks awesome!  I am going to try to create my own impression of that for next year.

Anyway, After the work party, we came home and decorated the front of the house with spider webs!  My

Garion and half his horde of candy!  He is dumping it out to sort it all!

Garion and half his horde of candy! He is dumping it out to sort it all!

skin is still crawling.  The webs were fake, but every bit as sticky as the real thing!  At last, the trick or treating came.  We did our usual route through the Harry Potter neighborhood.  If you haven’ heard about it in the past, it was in the paper this year.  There are several people in the neighborhood who do “Harry Potter houses”  for Halloween.  The whole neighborhood seems to be getting into it!  Unfortunately, it started to rain on us and the girls were done long before Garion was.  I have discovered that Trick or Treating is somewhat frustrating for me.  Jason likes to stay home ans scare the kids as they come to the door.  Garion likes to go really fast from house to house and Kayla goes unbelievably slow saying her legs don’t work.  (Although, you would think for candy she would be running as fast as Garion is!)  And Brynn is everywhere trying to see everything and follow all the kids running around.  So, I took the kids home and Jason took Garion out for an extra hour of trick or treating while I put the girls to bed.  After a bunch of candy of course!

Saturday was the hangover day.  I expected everyone to sleep in, but no one did.  Go figure.  I was actually surprised because the hangover was much less this year then in previous years.  Usually tempers are high and everyone is tired and no one wants anything but candy to eat and they all throw continual fits to get it. 🙂  But this year, everyone was pleasant and happy and we even got chores done and healthy food into our bodies!  Last night, we went to Garion’s end of season football party!  It was a blast.  There was yummy pulled pork and beef sandwiches with all the sides and cake at the end.  The best part was when the boys got their trophies.  They were so proud!  Of course, I forgot my camera, so my good friend Tara took pictures for me.  As soon as she emails them to me, I will post some of Garion getting his trophy.  The coaches were saying a few words about each boy as they handed out the trophies, and for Garion he said he was one of the most improved kids on the team.  Then as Garion was about to walk away, one of the other coaches said “Yeah, and he is the funniest too!”  Afterward I asked the coach about it and he said, for example, during one of the practices, they were in a huddle and very serious talking about the play they were working on and all of a sudden Garion says “Hey coach!  My dad has that exact same shirt!”  I just had to laugh, because that is such a Garion thing to say.  He had a great season though and is looking forward to playing next year.

Today is Sunday and it is raining.  I just want to take a moment to blog  a little bit more about Garion.  Tonight is the “Eight is Great” program for our stake.  Garion turns 8 in March!  I am looking forward to the program tonight and to spending some time with Garion talking about baptism some more.  I am feeling too young to have an 8 year old, but I have to say that Garion is turing into an amazing young man.  I am not jsut saying that because I am his mother either.  Though I know I am somewhat biased.  He is gentle, kind, sensitive, charitable, spiritual, funny, smart, and imaginative.  It is intimidating thinking of all the things we

Brynn and I snuggin' on the couch Saturday afternoon.  Taking a rest before Trick or Treating!

Brynn and I snuggin Sat. before trick or treating!

are responsible for teaching to our children, but when I look at Garion I feel like I am doing an okay job. 🙂

Sorry to go on and on today.  I just had a lot to say.  Talk to you later!