Happy Thanksgiving!!

Daddy and BRynn playing Patty-Cake

Daddy and Brynn playing Patty-Cake

I love this holiday!  It gives us all cause to stop, reflect, acknowledge and then express gratitude for our blessings.  I have so many blessings in my life.  Too many to name here.  But a few of them are a wonderful, supportive, loving husband who is my best friend and soul mate.  3 beautiful children who are my light and joy.  An awesome mother who is my guiding light, my example and my other best friend!  I have a great family!  Even though most of us are separated by large distances, I know they are there for me and I hope that they all know I am there for them for anything!  I love them all dearly!  I am surrounded by friends on all sides.  I am so grateful for my girlfriends.  We laugh, cry, commiserate, and party together as mothers, women, wives and friends.  I have a roof over my head, food in my pantry, clothes on my back and good health.  I have the gospel of Jesus Christ, without which, I would be lost.  I am so grateful for my Savior!  I know He lives!  I know he knows me by name and he loves me!

Okay, it is not like me to be so publicly sentimental.  But there you go.  I am grateful for my life!

We usually wait until after Thanksgiving to put up our Christmas tree.  It seems like every year, these two holidays

Jason and Garion with the new tree.

Jason and Garion with the new tree.

get more and more mixed up. 😉  But we decided to buy a new, Pre-lit, tree this year instead of putting up the ratty 6 year old one we have stuffed up in the garage.  On Monday night we went to Cost Co and let the kids pick it out. It has been sitting in the entry way since.  There was no reason to put it away when we were just going to get it back out this weekend.  So, last night while I was cooking dinner, the kids were a little restless.  So we decided to put the tree up a little early.  The kids loved it!  They all helped and after it was up and the lights were on, all three of them ran around the tree, jumping and dancing and shouting!  Even Brynn kept pointing to the tree and yelling and laughing!  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!  Not long after, we ate dinner and Kayla decided it would be a great idea to eat dinner by Christmas Tree light.  So she proceeded to go around the house and turn off every light she could find!  Soon it was really dark, except for the tree lights.  Not quite enough to eat by, so Jason got out one of our oil lamps and we put on some Christmas music in the background and soon we had a very nostalgic atmosphere.  Kayla loved that we could see the tree lights reflecting in all the windows.  And Garion said “If you make your eyes blurry on purpose, the lights on the tree look like a bunch of fireworks!”  All in all it was a VERY fun evening.  Kayla was pretty upset that we didn’t do the ornaments last night too, but since they are hiding in the garage and we need to find them, it wasn’t happening.  Now that the tree is up there is a sense of anticipation and excitement for the next month.

This Friday, tomorrow :), is Black Friday.  I love this day.  I know it is weird, but I love the crowds, the good deals and the opportunity to shop all day!  Thanks to my sister-in-law, Heather, and her super kind heart, we are able to go without the kids.  They are so excited to spend the night at their cousins house so Jason and I can get an early start tomorrow morning.  Brynn will be staying with us, but Jason is going to drop her off when he goes n the morning.  Since he will be leaving a little later than me.  I am hopefully going to be going about 4:30am with my friend Michelle.  Gotta beat the crowds!  I have a list of stores to go to and items to buy.  SO FUN!!

This last week has been a really fun one.  Last Thursday night, I went to the midnight release of Twilight.  As most

Twilight Group!

Twilight Group!

of you know, I am completely obsessed with this story.  The night was awesome!  There was a group of 15 of us in the end.  My friend Jana and her friend and I went to dinner at Applebees and waited there for the rest of the group to arrive.  They met us for dessert and it was a party from then on!  We made our way to the theater and it was a MADHOUSE!!  There were 20 screens in the theater we went to, and all 20 had sold out midnight showings.  We figured there were over 3000 people there.  Some even dressed up for a prom promotion they had going on.  (At least I am not THAT obsessed.:))  Anyway, the movie was FABULOUS!!  I loved it.  They followed the story line really well.  I was a little worried.  They had to change or cut out a few of the details to make it flow better on the big screen, but it didn’t take away from the story.  So it was good.  It was a little low budget, and you could tell in the special effects, but I still really liked it.  And now that they know they have made enough to make New Moon, we can look forward to better effects and such.  Can you believe they made 70 MILLION on midnight showings alone!  Crazy!

Friday night we went to Tyler’s birthday party.  Garion’s best friend.  They ate pizza and played Kung Fu Panda.  That is a great movie.  I love that the cartoon movies are geared toward adult humor as well as kids entertainment.  It makes watching them a really enjoyable experience for all involved. 🙂

Last Thursday Kayla and I both got injured. 🙂  It is worth mentioning because they were not just little injuries.  Kayla and her friend McKenna decided to play in McKenna’s basement even though it is off limits and under construction.  I am not sure what they were doing, but a piece of framing fell on Kayla’s foot.  It landed on the top of the foot right above the big toe.  There as a nice inch long cut and a pretty purple bruise to follow.  She was, understandable, so upset that she wouldn’t let Michelle near her.  So I had to make the trek across the back yard to get her.  For those of you who don’t know, we are back yard neighbors and we have a gate that connects us.  When I got there, I picked her up and started to walk home.  But I was wearing my red ballet slipper shoes and they have no traction.  So, as I was about to walk down the 3 stairs out of the back of Michelle’s house, I fell.  With Kayla in my arms.  Man, that hurt.  As I lifted my right foot to step off the stair, my left foot sipped off the edge of the landing I was standing on.  So both of my feet were in the air and I landed on my rear end on the edge of the landing and then bounced down a stair, hitting the edge of that stair too before I came to rest on the second stair down.  All this while I have Kayla in my arms so I can’t even try to break my fall with my hands.  She added a nice 35 pounds to the weight that hit the edge of the landing.  I had to sit there for a good 3-4 minutes before I could even breath.  Kayla was screaming “Don’t put me down!”  and I was trying not cry in front of my friend Michelle who saw everything.  I finally managed to get up and carry Kayla home, bandage her foot and then try to asses my own damage.  I had no idea that my body could turn the color of eggplant.  I have a nice bruise that is about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide and the color of egg plant.  I still can’t sit straight and I can’t run or walk fast or do anything will make the muscles back there move.  Ouch.

Well, that about sums up this last week.  My friend Krissy and her boys came over yesterday to play for the morning.  We had a great visit!  And today is Thansgiving.  We are going to Jeremy and Heathers house for dinner and games.  Tomorow I go shopping and Saturday we will hopefully sleep and recover. 🙂

The Rootbeer Explosion

It is not unusual for my kids to want junk food or soda for a snack.  Today we had rootbeer in the fridge from a dinner last week.  Kayla was insisting on a “treat” that I didn’t want to give her because she is always eating junk!  So, in an attempt to comprimise with her, I offered her a small glass of soda instead of candy.  Though I realize it probably isn’t that much better.  When I opened the fridge, the whole bottle of rootbeer fell from the top shelf to the floor.  It didn’t rool or even really bounce.  So I figured it would still be okay to open.  I held it in the sink expecting it to fiz over a little bit and maybe go down the sides of the bottle.  What happened was completely unexpected.  As I unscrewed the lid, it bubbled with such force that the lid exploded off teh bottle before I had it all the way unscrewed with a loud “POP” and flew to I don’t know where.  The rootbeer followed the lid.  It went everywhere.  And when I say everywhere.  I mean it.  I was standing at the kitchen sink.  The rootbeer covered my face and hair, arms and shirt.  It covered the sink and window in front of me.  It splattered all the way up to the celing.  It covered the bar and the wall and the cabinets to my right.  Including Brynn who was standing on a stool at the end of the bar.  It covered the barstools on the other side of the bar and the floor beyond that.  To my right, it covered the counter tops, the walls, the cabinets, all the way over to the stove top, oven door and the microwave above them.  Behind me, the floor was covered all the way back to the pantry door and spread from the fridge to the table on the other side of the room.  WHAT A MESS!  I was so shocked, and dripping that I couldn’t do anything but stand there stunned for a minute.  Then I just had to laugh.  Kayla was in the garage getting cat food when this happened, and when she came back in she looked at me and asked what I was laughing at.  Then said “Mommy, what happened to you!?”  That made me laugh harder!  I am so glad I have reached a point in my life that I can find humor in the messes!  Especially because I now have to leave, somewhat sticky still, with stiff hair, to go run some errands and go to my friends house.  I am running late because I had to clean the kitchen and, thus have no time to shower.  Oh well.  At least I will smell yummy.  🙂  By the way, the lid to the bottle is still missing.

Kayla’s Dreams

The last week or so, Kayla has been having some really weird dreams.  Just thought I would share .  I bet they will make you smile. 🙂  The first one happened while we were driving in the car.  She fell asleep and when she woke up she said she dreamed she was in her car seat, but upside down and her pee came out her nose!  A couple days later she had a dream that our house had big, fat lips and that it ate her up!  🙂  I wonder what goes on in her mind….but then I Think, who am I to talk.  I have some weird dreams too.

This morning was a wonderful morning.  Garion got up and dressed all the way to his shoes and got breakfast for himself and Brynn, since I slept in an extra 20 minutes.  Then, while I made his lunch, HE read the scriptures to ME while I made his lunch.  This is the first time he has had the ability to read the scriptures.  A lot of the words are pretty complicated.  It goes to show how much improvement he has made in reading this year.  He is definitely deserving of the Principles 200 Club Award he got last week for improvement in reading!

Tonight is the Twilight movie release!!  I am so excited, I can hardly sit still!!!  A group of 15 of us are going to the midnight release.  I am leaving at 8pm with my friend Jana and going to dinner and then the rest of our group is going to meet up with us for dessert about an hour later.  Then we will go the theater and browse the vendors they have there.  We have assigned seats and very good ones at that.  It is so nice to have assigned seats so we don’t have to wait in line for days to get a good one. 🙂  Like Jason and I had to do for the Lord of the Rings release and a couple other movies we are die hard about.  I have heard great things about the movie!!  We are going to the District theater and our friend Summer is a manager there.  She said there are 20 theaters, and all 20 of them are sold out for the midnight showing, so they opened a 2:30am showing, which is almost all sold out as well!  Crazy!  I will letyou know tomorrow how awesome it was!!

A week of stories!

This last week and a half has been a very fun one!  My last blog I was leaving for Denver to visit my brother for his wedding reception.  Josh and Jackie were actually married in July in Puerto Rico, which was the trip of a life time and I am very blessed to have been there with my entire family!  But not everyone could be there, so they had a reception for everyone else last weekend; technically two weekends ago now.  It was a cocktail party at the beautiful home of a close family friend named Debbie.  So, to start at the beginning, Kayla, Brynn and I left Friday morning and drove 4 hours without stopping once to Glenwood Springs, where we met my parents, Grandmother, Josh and Jackie.  They drove up from Denver to meet us and to see the city where Jackie’s family has taken family vacations since childhood.  After a good lunch at Rib City and a walk around the town, we headed on to Denver.  It was VERY nice to have my mom with me for this portion of the ride.  It is really hard to drive long distances and I have a bad habit of sleeping in the car.  I am always terrified that I am going to fall asleep behind the wheel.  The longer the drive, the more worried I am.  So, the last part of the drive was fun and full of stimulating conversation. I was very proud of my girls!   They didn’t fight or complain once the whole way there!  We had pizza for dinner and had a great evening talking.

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Asternak! :)

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Asternak! 🙂

My sister Megan and her fiance’ Chuck arrived around Midnight, but the girls and I were already asleep, so we saw them in the morning.  It was wonderful to see Megan!  It has been about 2 years since I saw her last.  It was also the first time I have met Chuck.  They are to be married on June 20th, 2009!  I can’t wait!  I really liked Chuck a lot.  He seemed to be the perfect gentleman.  They make a great couple and I am very happy for them.

After breakfast, the girls and I took a nice little drive to Brighton to visit my best friend, Lori.  We spent the morning and early afternoon with her and Jonathan.  It was sooo good to see her again!  We talked, ate Chinese food

Kayla took this for us all by herself!

Kayla took this for us all by herself!

and after lunch, we took the kids to the park!  The only down part of the day was that Jonathan threw up in the car on the way to the park.  Poor guy!  But he then played and seemed fine at the park.  Lori and I have been friends since 5th grade.  I am so grateful that she lives somewhere I can visit her often!  At least as often as I get to visit my brother!  🙂

Saturday night, we hired some babysitters for the three kids and after we got all dolled up, we went to the cocktail party!  I was so mad because I forgot my camera!  So, when I get pictures forwarded to me from my mom or Megan, then I will post some from the party.  It was FABULOUS!!  There was a beautiful appetizer table, a chocolate fountain, the amazing cake, an open kayla_at_park_denverbar, and a poker table.  The party started at 7 and we made it home around 1am.  I was worried about being at a party that late.  It seems that since I have had kids, I get so tired so early!  But we had the most wonderful time I didn’t even notice the hour!  I was the desiganated driver to get Josh, Jackie, Megan and Chuck home.  Although, Megan didn’t really drink that much and could have driven also.  But I was happy to take on the role.  If you can believe it, that was the first party I have ever been to that served alchohol.

Sunday Morning, we all got a bit of a slow start.  My girls had me up bright and early before 7.  I told them to go find Chuck!  🙂  SInce he so kindly volunteered to get up with them in the morning!  🙂  But before Kayla made it to him, she found Steve, who was nice enough to get her breakfast and turn on some cartoons.  However, Brynn had me out of bed only a half hour later.  I was hoping to see Josh and Jackie open their gifts, but unfortunatley, we had

Brynn discovered Cap'n Crunch Sunday.  Loved it!

Brynn discovered Captain Crunch Sunday. Loved it!

to leave to drive home before everyone was ready for that.  We left about noon, after lunch and a power nap for me.    The drive home was long, but not too bad.  We made it to Green River in one step, then stopped there for dinner.  After that, Brynn had had it in the car and cried the rest of the way home.  She slept for about 30 minutes in the middle, but before and after that, she cried.  Needless to say, I went as fast as I could to get home without guaranteeing myself a ticket.  Luckily, no ticket and I made it home about 9 that night.

Garion and Jason had an awesome father/son weekend.  Friday night, Jason helped his mom move to her new room at Jamestown while Garion played at his friend, Tyler’s house.  Then on Saturday, they went shooting, to Cabelas, to a movie, to dinner, and they rode on Jason’s

Kayla and Jake!  What CUTE cousins!!

Kayla and Jake! What CUTE cousins!!

motorcycle!  Guy heaven!

The week since then has been a good one.  No huge happenings, just school and church and the normal.  Jason had Plug meeting Wednesday night and after the kids went to bed, I took the baby monitor and hang out with my neighbors.  It was fun to be with them since we haven’t really hang out for  awhile.  We use to get together all the time!  But school had throw our schedule off and I miss them!

We had a great experience this weekend with Garion.  He really is turning into a young man with wisdom and understanding.  It was a simple thing, but it made me proud.  He came to me Saturday morning with tears in his eyes saying he wanted to fast that day.  Let me preface this story by saying that on fast Sunday this month I approached him and asked him to fast with me.  I just figured that since he is turning 8 in the beginning of the year, he is old enough to learn this principle.  I explained to him that once a month we fast, or give up two meals to show  Heavenly Father that we are willing to sacrifice to show our gratitude for the blessings we have received and to show that we are willing to sacrifice to receive blessings.  I told him that we fast with the ward once a month for the members of the ward and we have the ability and opportunity to fast any other time we want to if we have a special need or desire or problem.  Fasting helps us to become closer to the spirit to hear the promptings of the Lord.  After my explanation of fasting, Garion refused.  He said he didn’t want to give up breakfast and be hungry.  I wasn’t surprised, he is only 7 after all.  But I fasted that day that he would have a desire to fast so he could gain a testimony for himself of the blessings and peace that fasting can bring.  So this weekend, when he came to me telling me he wanted to fast, I knew my prayer had been answered.  It just isn’t in the nature of boys to give up their food willingly. 🙂  I asked him what he wanted to fast about.  He had tears in his eyes so I knew it must be something dear to him.  He said he wanted to fast for Willow.  Our cat.  I asked why to which he responded “I don’t want her to die!”  Willow is 16 years old and has a huge tumor on her neck.  She is losing weight and has no teeth.  We are sure the end is fairly near for her.  Garion must have heard Jason and I talking about it sometime in the past.  I suggested to him that we wait and fast the next day, Sunday, when we didn’t have any big activities planned.  Also, that way we could start our fast during our bedtime prayers that evening.  I also suggested that we only fast until lunch time, since it was his first time.  He agreed.  So, at bedtime, Garion and I started our fast for Willow.  When he woke up in the morning, he remembered his purpose and went without food even though Kayla, Brynn and Daddy had breakfast in front of him.  About 10 am, he said he was starting to feel sick from hunger, so we said a prayer that we would be strong, that the hunger pains would leave and that we would remember Willow and be guided as to how to help her and if we cannot, that we would have the strength to endure.  That was the only time throughout the fast that Garion complained.  He made it until 12:30pm.  At which time he ended his fast with a prayer and ate lunch.  At bed time Sunday night, he told me he wants to fast for Willow again on the upcoming fast Sunday.  Only he wants to go all the way till dinner.

It makes my heart sing to see Garion turning to the Lord with his feelings and trials.  Nothing is to trivial for Heavenly Father and when we place our faith in Him, he will always answer our prayers and guide us.  I know this from my own personal experience.  And now, Garion is learning it for himself as well.  The blessings of the Lord abound!  I am grateful!

Funny Kids!

Okay, so I wasn’t going to post anymore before my trip, but a couple of funny things with the kids happened today.  First this morning, the girls and I went to Payson to pick up the half of a cow that we had ordered.  On the way there, Kayla fell asleep and on the way home she told me that her dream was that she was upside down and her pee came out her nose!  Gross!  I had to laugh though.  It was original and caught me completely off guard.  The next funny thing was at dinner, Garion spontaneously broke out into song.  Only it was him counting by 2’s to 100 to the tune of Yankee Doodle.  I videoed him and wanted to post the video, but I couldn’t get it to work.  Sorry.  The last funny thing of the evening was a couple minutes ago.  The kids and I were playing in the living room and I saw Brynn go into the bathroom.  She has this nasty habit of drinking water from the dog bowl.  I finally got her on film.  Here is the picture!  Crazy kids!  ~Kelly

It’s Cold!!

Hello out there!

This week has brought the winter weather.  I am so glad Halloween was so beautiful!  At least we were able to enjoy fall weather before it turned bitter.  But now it is cold.  I went running this morning in 20 degree weather.  Burr!!  It is a little bit annoying because some people have npot turned off their sprinklers yet, so there were quite a few icy patches on the sidewalks.  Garion tried to ride his bike to school this morning and dids a nice little slide on a patch of ice.  His bike fell over and he hurt his leg.  🙁  He will be fine, but I ended up driving him the short distance because he was afraid to ride his bike anymore.  Can’t say that I blame him.  Guess we will have to have a little lesson on what ice looks like and how to avoid it!

The week has been pretty uneventful, with Tuesday being the HUGE exception.  Election day.  It was rainy and cold here.  I was glad that I voted early so I didn’t have to brave the lines or the weather.  Personally, I am not happy about the election results.  I am glad that our country has gotten over it’s prejudices enough to elect a man not of caucasion descent.  However, I do not like Obama’s policies or plans for our country.  With that being said, we spent Tuesday night at our friends house watching the results and eating brownies.  It was a fun evening, though it ended earlier then I thought it would with the electoral votes coming so soon.  It was a really satisfying day with Garion.  He is old enough now that Jason and I were able to really explain to him the election process and he understood it.  He asked questions all day and we were able to talk about a couple of the issues in general.  He was really interested in all that was happening.  The voting location for our district was at his school, so he was further able to see the election process in action throughout the day.  While at our friends house, he wasn’t too keen on sitting and watching the tv, but his last question of the day was “Who won the election?  Who is our new president?”  I was really happy that he was able to somewhat understand the signifigance of the day.  He is a smart cookie!

Kayla and Brynn got new dresses at Costco.  So Cute!!

Kayla and Brynn got new dresses at Costco. So Cute!!

Monday night we went to costco and they had the most delicious looking strawberries!  We bought some and yesterday I made jam with them.  It turned out fabulously!  Other then that, it has been a slow week.  I am really excited because tomorrow morning the girls and I leave to go to Colorado for my brothers wedding reception!  It is a cocktail party and is going to be fabulous!  My parents, grandmother, and hopefully brother and sister, Byron and Megan, will be there.  I love family time and I am gratefull that we have been able to work it out for us to go.  Garion is staying home with Jason for a “guys” weekend! 🙂  They will be helping Jason’s mom, Lauri, move from the room she is currently in to a new room outside the enhanced care unit at Jamestown.  That is a long story, but to make it short, her room was given to someone else at the last minute, accidentally.  To make up for it, Jamestown gave her a room in the enhanced care unit for the same cost as the studio she would have had.  Now a new studio has opened and she gets it!  It will be wonderful for her to finally be in her permanent place.  Without the midnight visits from people who aren’t exactly there! 🙂  Well, I probably won’t be posting again until Monday, since I will be in beautiful Colorado!  Have a great weekend!      ~ Kelly

Halloween Hangover!

Hello!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Ours was really fun.  In my last post I told you about the costume parade and the spider, but I thought I would put up a picture of the house finished with the webs, etc.  After Garion’s parade, the girls and I spent a little bit of time at our neighbors house and then loaded up in the car to go to Jason’s work Halloween party.  Garion was thrilled to get out of school early to go.  He told me it was the second time in his life to get checked out of school early.  The first time was last year to go to California and then this year to go to the party.  I had completely forgotten about last year, but it apparently made an impression on him!  Jason’s party was super fun!  There was a costume contest for any employee and/or member of their family.  The grand prize was $500 cash!  Crazy!  We didn’t win, but there were some really great costumes!  Next year we are going to get really creative.  I got an idea from a friend for this costume that looks like the person is riding on the shoulders of a dwarf.  It looks awesome!  I am going to try to create my own impression of that for next year.

Anyway, After the work party, we came home and decorated the front of the house with spider webs!  My

Garion and half his horde of candy!  He is dumping it out to sort it all!

Garion and half his horde of candy! He is dumping it out to sort it all!

skin is still crawling.  The webs were fake, but every bit as sticky as the real thing!  At last, the trick or treating came.  We did our usual route through the Harry Potter neighborhood.  If you haven’ heard about it in the past, it was in the paper this year.  There are several people in the neighborhood who do “Harry Potter houses”  for Halloween.  The whole neighborhood seems to be getting into it!  Unfortunately, it started to rain on us and the girls were done long before Garion was.  I have discovered that Trick or Treating is somewhat frustrating for me.  Jason likes to stay home ans scare the kids as they come to the door.  Garion likes to go really fast from house to house and Kayla goes unbelievably slow saying her legs don’t work.  (Although, you would think for candy she would be running as fast as Garion is!)  And Brynn is everywhere trying to see everything and follow all the kids running around.  So, I took the kids home and Jason took Garion out for an extra hour of trick or treating while I put the girls to bed.  After a bunch of candy of course!

Saturday was the hangover day.  I expected everyone to sleep in, but no one did.  Go figure.  I was actually surprised because the hangover was much less this year then in previous years.  Usually tempers are high and everyone is tired and no one wants anything but candy to eat and they all throw continual fits to get it. 🙂  But this year, everyone was pleasant and happy and we even got chores done and healthy food into our bodies!  Last night, we went to Garion’s end of season football party!  It was a blast.  There was yummy pulled pork and beef sandwiches with all the sides and cake at the end.  The best part was when the boys got their trophies.  They were so proud!  Of course, I forgot my camera, so my good friend Tara took pictures for me.  As soon as she emails them to me, I will post some of Garion getting his trophy.  The coaches were saying a few words about each boy as they handed out the trophies, and for Garion he said he was one of the most improved kids on the team.  Then as Garion was about to walk away, one of the other coaches said “Yeah, and he is the funniest too!”  Afterward I asked the coach about it and he said, for example, during one of the practices, they were in a huddle and very serious talking about the play they were working on and all of a sudden Garion says “Hey coach!  My dad has that exact same shirt!”  I just had to laugh, because that is such a Garion thing to say.  He had a great season though and is looking forward to playing next year.

Today is Sunday and it is raining.  I just want to take a moment to blog  a little bit more about Garion.  Tonight is the “Eight is Great” program for our stake.  Garion turns 8 in March!  I am looking forward to the program tonight and to spending some time with Garion talking about baptism some more.  I am feeling too young to have an 8 year old, but I have to say that Garion is turing into an amazing young man.  I am not jsut saying that because I am his mother either.  Though I know I am somewhat biased.  He is gentle, kind, sensitive, charitable, spiritual, funny, smart, and imaginative.  It is intimidating thinking of all the things we

Brynn and I snuggin' on the couch Saturday afternoon.  Taking a rest before Trick or Treating!

Brynn and I snuggin Sat. before trick or treating!

are responsible for teaching to our children, but when I look at Garion I feel like I am doing an okay job. 🙂

Sorry to go on and on today.  I just had a lot to say.  Talk to you later!