Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!  I love this day!  It gets more and more fun as the kids get older too because they get excited! This year we are getting more into the holiday then we have before.  Usually we just carve pumpkins and call it good.  Last year, Jason put up a floating head that was really neat, but this year, I thought we were just going to deo the pumpkin thing again.  Until about a week ago Jason a blog about a giant spider that was really neat!  So, Last night Jason and the kids made this giant spider and he has it propped up above the eve of our porch and it looks so cool!  It is my worst nightmare come to life, but cool for the holiday anyway! The kids woke up to it on teh roof and they were SO excited!  We have all dressed up this year too.  I am a witch, Jason is a paintball player, Garion is Harry Potter, Kayla is a dog and Brynn is a honey pot!  The kids are so cute!  I usually spend so much time getting them ready I don’t bother to dress up myself.  But after Witches night, I had the great hat and the boa so I decided to go the extra mile this year.  What a fun holiday!  The girls and I just got back from Garion’s costume parade at his school.  There were some great costumes!  Garion looks totally different with his hair black!

Last night we went to Garion’s 2nd Grade program and it was super cute!!  It was titled “Things that make you go EEEKKKK!”  He did a great job!  He sang all teh songs and did all the hand motions, and was great!  A pretty stark contrast to last year when he didn’t sing or do teh hand motions and all he did was play in his shirt. 🙂  It was definatley entertaining to watch!  But he had a great time and the girls and I had fun watching him last night too.  🙂