It’s Monday Again!

The week has started!  I am excited about this week because it is Halloween on Friday!  We don’t have any huge plans but the kids have such a great time dressing up!  We are carving our pumpkins tonight and roasting the seeds.  Yummy!
Last night we went to our friends house in Mapleton, for dinner.  It was really fun.  They have a goat, 2 dogs, some chickens, and some little rodent that is related to squirrels….can’t remember what it is called. 🙂  But my kids loved the animals.  Brynn would stand at the door and try to call out to the goat and Kayla loved hearing the rooster crow.  Garion tried to catch the goat, but the goat was a lot faster.  Our friends are tyring to get us to buy a house that is right around the corner from them.  It is a great deal.  1/3 acre, 3100 sq ft., 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully landscaped, etc.  $269,999.  Crazy.  I just don’t think I want to move.  I love it here.  My best friends are here.  That is hard to let go of.  But it is such a good deal that it is worth thinking about.  We walked around the yard last night and Kayla said she wanted to live there and when we tld her she wouldn’t be near her 2 best friends anymore, she said she wanted to make new friends and that she didn’t want to play with her old friends anymore.  Sad!  But she is playing with Grace right now and I think that if I asked her again right now, she would change her mind.  🙂

Today is going to be an exciting day.  I have a ton of tomatos that I am going to be making tomato sauce and canned tomatos with.  Then I have a bunch of apples that I want to make apple sauce and apple butter with!  We will see how it goes!  Wish me luck!

I wanted to thank Scott for his input on the gum on Garions cloak.  I didn’t have any compressed air, so I used vinegar, baking soda and ice.  It took a while, but I did manage to get all the gum out.  It is washed and dried and you can’t ven tell.  Thank goodness!  Both Garion and I would have been really upset if the cape, whoops cloak was ruined.  Side note:  I called the cloak a cape and Garion very formally informed me that it is NOT a “cape” it is a “cloak.”  🙂