Fall Fest

This is just an update about the fall fest. 🙂  We did try it again and the second time around the kids had a great time!  They ate junk food, played the games and won prizes.  Then we came home and  Kayla and Garion went to a birthday party across the street where they rented a bouncy house!  The kids had a great time!  Although, they also have a play set in their back yard and Garion tried to climb the side of it, fell off and hurt his foot.  I didn’t have much sympathy, I just figure that if you are going to climb, be prepared to fall.  That and, he wasn’t really hurt.  I loved him and hugged him and then told him he was fine. 🙂  He is now. 
We are babysitting Meg and Grace tonight for our half of the babysitting switch we set up with Julie and Rob.  THe girls are all having a bubble bath right now and when all the kids are bathed we are going to eat grilled cheese and watch a movie.  Fun, Fun, Fun!  I actually love this part.  Being with the kids and helping them learn to love life.  It is great.
Anyone out there know how to get chewed bubble gun out of clothing?  Garion got it all ove rthe back of his new Harry Potter robe.  Arg….