Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!  I love this day!  It gets more and more fun as the kids get older too because they get excited! This year we are getting more into the holiday then we have before.  Usually we just carve pumpkins and call it good.  Last year, Jason put up a floating head that was really neat, but this year, I thought we were just going to deo the pumpkin thing again.  Until about a week ago Jason a blog about a giant spider that was really neat!  So, Last night Jason and the kids made this giant spider and he has it propped up above the eve of our porch and it looks so cool!  It is my worst nightmare come to life, but cool for the holiday anyway! The kids woke up to it on teh roof and they were SO excited!  We have all dressed up this year too.  I am a witch, Jason is a paintball player, Garion is Harry Potter, Kayla is a dog and Brynn is a honey pot!  The kids are so cute!  I usually spend so much time getting them ready I don’t bother to dress up myself.  But after Witches night, I had the great hat and the boa so I decided to go the extra mile this year.  What a fun holiday!  The girls and I just got back from Garion’s costume parade at his school.  There were some great costumes!  Garion looks totally different with his hair black!

Last night we went to Garion’s 2nd Grade program and it was super cute!!  It was titled “Things that make you go EEEKKKK!”  He did a great job!  He sang all teh songs and did all the hand motions, and was great!  A pretty stark contrast to last year when he didn’t sing or do teh hand motions and all he did was play in his shirt. 🙂  It was definatley entertaining to watch!  But he had a great time and the girls and I had fun watching him last night too.  🙂


Let me start this blog by saying that I love my dog!  But sometimes she is a pain in the rear!!  I just had the Sherriff stop by about 5 minutes ago.  Now, before I tell you why, let me go back a week.  Last Monday, I had my best friend Krissy over for a visit.  As they were getting ready to leave, we realized that the boys hadn’t cleaned up the basement.  So, without much thought we all left the front room with the door wide open and went to the basement to clean up.  Of course, given such a ripe opportunity, Sophie made a run for it.  In the past she has gotten out and come back within the hour.  But last week, she never came back.  By the next morning, we were really worried.  So I called around and found her at the pound in Lindon.  Jason stopped by to grab her and lo and behold, we had a $80 get of jail charge and a $30 licencing fee and the sherriff wrote us a nice little ticket.  Normally we would have to go to court and stand in front of a judge in the court house in Provo for such an offence, but I have a wonderful friend named Tami, who’s father is an attorney who knows the judge assigned to our case.  He has very wonderfully offered to take our ticket and talk with the judge to have the charge dismissed.  Now, with all that being said, when the sherriff rang my door bell I started to freak out a little.  Turns out he just picked up a dog that is a female yellow lab with a pink collar.  He thought that she belonged to us since our dog was so recently accompanied by him to the shelter.  I am happy to say that Sophie was right out on my deck where I had put her 10 minutes before.  What a way to get the adrinaline pumping! 

Pumpkin Land!

Today, Kayla, Brynn and I went with Kayla’s pre-school class to Pumpkin Land!  It was so much fun!  We walked though the pumpkin patch and then got lost in the maze.  We had fun looking at the goats and the bunnies,  there were even a bunch of baby bunnies.  The girls loved those!  Then they played on the play set and we had a picnic!  At the very end we walked through the spooky alley and saw Cinderella’s flying coach!  🙂  The last thing we did was pick out a pumpkin to bring home.  The weather was perfect and warm and I am thinking it might be a Halloween tradition to go there.  I found the coolest swan gourd that I am going to hollow out and make into a bird feeder!  I can’t the credit for the idea though, it was my neighbor, Julie’s.  I am hoping she will show me how to do it.  But it is the neatest looking thing and as a bird house in my garden it will be awesome!

Just an update about last night.  We didn’t quite get the pumpkins carved.  We got them cleaned out, but then it got too late and the kids needed to go to bed.  Tonight I am having a Scentsy Party and so the carving will commence again tomorrow. 🙂  I will take pictures when we are done.  The kids are very excited.  This is good though because now I can really give the seeds the 24 hour salt water bath they are suppose to have before roasting. 🙂

Then we really will eat the seeds the night we carve the pumpkins.  Kayla has told us she wants “scarrry face!”  I just told Jason that we are going to stick to pretty simple designs this year so we don’t have to spend 2 hours on one pumpkin.  He is wondering why I am taking all the fun out if it!

I just have to take a moment to encourage everyone to really look at the issues and make informed votes on the 4th.  I am not going to get too into it here because I am becoming extraordinarily opinionated on the isse of the next president and I could really spend the rest of the day playing my case here.  This is not the time.  But I have been forwarded a video in my email from Jason of Pres. Ezra Taft Benson in 1977 giving a talk on Socialism and standardized government.  He speaks plainly and I think everyone should listen to it.  There is one other video of Pres. Benson where he discusses the proper role of Government (Link at the bottom) I also highly recommend you watch this as well.  I have several friends who are not informed or are just voting a certain way because they know other people are voting that way.  I strongly encourage everyone! to research and study the issues at hand and make informed decisions.  Remember that the Lord has given us the Bible and the prophets as guides in these last and confusing days.  Don’t let the media and fancy speeches confuse you, persuade you and deceive you into voting for things that we should be against as designed by God!  Anyway, that is my little piece.  As I said I am going to try not to get into it too much here.  If you want to talk about it or argue about it, whatever the case may be, you can email me. 🙂

Ezra Taft Benson on Socialism

The Proper Role of Government

It’s Monday Again!

The week has started!  I am excited about this week because it is Halloween on Friday!  We don’t have any huge plans but the kids have such a great time dressing up!  We are carving our pumpkins tonight and roasting the seeds.  Yummy!
Last night we went to our friends house in Mapleton, for dinner.  It was really fun.  They have a goat, 2 dogs, some chickens, and some little rodent that is related to squirrels….can’t remember what it is called. 🙂  But my kids loved the animals.  Brynn would stand at the door and try to call out to the goat and Kayla loved hearing the rooster crow.  Garion tried to catch the goat, but the goat was a lot faster.  Our friends are tyring to get us to buy a house that is right around the corner from them.  It is a great deal.  1/3 acre, 3100 sq ft., 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully landscaped, etc.  $269,999.  Crazy.  I just don’t think I want to move.  I love it here.  My best friends are here.  That is hard to let go of.  But it is such a good deal that it is worth thinking about.  We walked around the yard last night and Kayla said she wanted to live there and when we tld her she wouldn’t be near her 2 best friends anymore, she said she wanted to make new friends and that she didn’t want to play with her old friends anymore.  Sad!  But she is playing with Grace right now and I think that if I asked her again right now, she would change her mind.  🙂

Today is going to be an exciting day.  I have a ton of tomatos that I am going to be making tomato sauce and canned tomatos with.  Then I have a bunch of apples that I want to make apple sauce and apple butter with!  We will see how it goes!  Wish me luck!

I wanted to thank Scott for his input on the gum on Garions cloak.  I didn’t have any compressed air, so I used vinegar, baking soda and ice.  It took a while, but I did manage to get all the gum out.  It is washed and dried and you can’t ven tell.  Thank goodness!  Both Garion and I would have been really upset if the cape, whoops cloak was ruined.  Side note:  I called the cloak a cape and Garion very formally informed me that it is NOT a “cape” it is a “cloak.”  🙂

Fall Fest

This is just an update about the fall fest. 🙂  We did try it again and the second time around the kids had a great time!  They ate junk food, played the games and won prizes.  Then we came home and  Kayla and Garion went to a birthday party across the street where they rented a bouncy house!  The kids had a great time!  Although, they also have a play set in their back yard and Garion tried to climb the side of it, fell off and hurt his foot.  I didn’t have much sympathy, I just figure that if you are going to climb, be prepared to fall.  That and, he wasn’t really hurt.  I loved him and hugged him and then told him he was fine. 🙂  He is now. 
We are babysitting Meg and Grace tonight for our half of the babysitting switch we set up with Julie and Rob.  THe girls are all having a bubble bath right now and when all the kids are bathed we are going to eat grilled cheese and watch a movie.  Fun, Fun, Fun!  I actually love this part.  Being with the kids and helping them learn to love life.  It is great.
Anyone out there know how to get chewed bubble gun out of clothing?  Garion got it all ove rthe back of his new Harry Potter robe.  Arg….


Any one reading my blog will learn pretty quickly that I am an inconsistent writer.  But I have put blogging on my weekly list for Sunday’s.  Eventhough today is Saturday, I am writing because I figure that I will write as often as I can, but at the worst once every week or two.  Hopefully we won’t go another several months. 🙂
This has been a very busy summer for.  Just to catch you up on the basics.  We went to California in the beginning of July, Puerto Rico for my brother, Josh’s wedding at the end of July, Alaska on a Cruise in September for our 10th anniversary and Denver in two weeks for my brother’s wedding reception (for those who were not able to make it all the way to Puerto Rico. :))  Garion has finished a season of tackle football and is well into his 2nd grade year at school.  Kayla is in preschool and loving it!  SHe is learning her ABC’s and all kinds of cute songs that she like to sing around the house as she playing and doing her chores.  Brynn is growing like a weed.  She is starting to talk with 2 word phrases!  Though it is not always clear.  I can understand her because I just know what she is saying. 🙂  But some other people are not able to understand her.  She is 18 months old now and is in nursery at church!  Jason is very excited for this milestone bacause now he can enjoy church and not wander the halls with a bored toddler. Brynn loves nursery!  Last week was her first week and she just walked right in without a backward glance. 🙂  She even threw a fit when I went to pick her up because she didn’t want to leave.  I will take the leaving tantrum to the going in tantrum any time.  If that makes since.
Last night I went to Witches Night with my good friend Julie and her cousin Elham.  It was awesome!!  The are some serious witch costumes there…very elaborate and glittery and fluffy and HUGE hats!  Julie and I have a hat and a boa now.  Hers is purple and black and mine is orange and black.  Both hats have spiders hanging from them and are glittery, thanks to the lady in the store with the glitter spray!  I found several great christmas buys and a fun new church bag for myself!  Julie got a matching one and since we were sorely missing the third part of our trio, Michelle (who is in Mesquite this weekend) we got her a matching bag as well.  🙂  They are black with white pokadots.  Looovveee iiiittttt!!!  
We jsut tried to take our kids to the fall fest at the local charter school and it ended up being a disaster.  We might try again later this afternoon, but I am not sure.  The first thing we did was walk into the room where all teh vendor booths are and Garion saw some marshmello guns.  THey were cool, but I didn’t have the money for it so he started pouting and refusing to do anything else.  He just stood there grumping.  Then, I think Kayla got overwhelmed, because without any trigger that I could detect, she got grumpy and shut down.  SHe didn’t want to do any games and when we tried to do the cup cake walk, she freaked out and started screaming.  Jason had already left with Brynn because she was so tired she was melting down as well.  I called Jason back to get us before he even left the neighborhood, and we came home for quiet time.  All this happened in about 30 minutes of time.  Sometimes it is amazing to me how fast kids can lose it!  In retrospect I fell like I could have been a little more observant to Kayla’s moods and then I could have explained things to her better.  I just assumed she knew how the fall fest worked since we went last year, but Her little 4 year memory doesn’t go back that far on the details.  And with Garion, I should have talked with him before hand about the fact that there are going to be things we want that we can’t afford and we need to be brave and not throw fits.  We can save our money for next time or ask Santa for it for Christmas!  I knew Brynn was tired, but I hoped she would make it through an hour of games.  I was worng.  So, next time I know what precautions to take so hopefully we can have a better time!  🙂  Garion and Kayla are done with a short quiet time and I told them we might go back.  We will talk and see.  I want to have fun at the festival, and I am pretty sure they do to.  So we will try again. 🙂  Such is life with kids.
2 days ago I made tomato puree!  It is just like tomato sauce and I am very proud of myself.  It was ridiculously easy!  We have a Victorio Strainer that we inherited from Jason’s mom and all I have to do is stick the tomatos in the top and twist the handle.  It spits the peel, seeds and other undesirables out the end and gives me beautiful, bright red tomato puree.  I have also been jarring the tomatos to just use as tomatos.  It is really easy as well.  All you have to do is boil the tomatos for about 1 minute to loosen the skin, then peel them as soon as they are cool enough to handle and then quarter them , stick them in jars with a T. of Lemon Juice, a T. of salt and  T of sugar.  THen process them in a steam or water bath for about 45 mintues.  I fel so domestic!  And it makes me feel good to preserve and use all teh harvest from our garden.  We could have done so much more with the other veggies we grew, but I am learning.  Next year we will have salsa, dried peppers, dried herbs, canned fruits, jams, and butters (like apples, plums, strawberries and rhubarb).  The three pumpkins we have on our doorstep are also home grown!  The kids love to use the things from our garden too. 
Halloween is next weekend!  Garion has decided to be Harry Potter, Kayla is a dog and Brynn is a honey pot.  They all look so cute!  I will post a picture of the three of them they next time they all get dressed up.
Well, Have a great day!

What’s in your Pocket

EDC, Every Day Carry.  Something I think that is true to the heart of boys and geeks everywhere.  Pockets were made to be filled, and no geek ever wants to be without the right tool for the job.  EDCer’s might be minimalists, pushing everything down to the smallest factor possible, or may be on the other end, having two of everything, just in case. So I decided to join a meme and post up what’s in my pockets first (my bag has a whole other load, for later).

A quick rundown on these contents (Top left working clockwise).

  1. Odd keychain, Tahoe key and fob, motorcycle key (detachable), Leatherman squirt s4, micro-mag with LED conversion kit.  Usually in left pocket if in use, otherwise jacket or pack.
  2. Iphone earbuds (phone is busy taking the picture).
  3. Regular keychain. Car key and fob, micro-led light, cabinet and trigger lock keys, house key, safe key, pill vial (waterproof storage).
  4. North American Arms Magnum Mini revolver, magnum JHP rounds.  LR chamber located ‘elsewhere’
  5. Boker sub-compact folding, lockblade knife
  6. Access Card for work
  7. Cree LED tac-light
  8. chapstick
  9. Wallet