Upcoming Downtime

Coming soon to this server, Downtime.

With my change in employment, I have to move my server, and I really want to move a lot of it off the physical hardware.  Well I have a lot moved, but the family and lug-nut sites aren’t yet.  I’m awaiting some different hardware still, so tomorrow I have to take this box down, and migrate it home for a while, before I can set up my replacement box.

Not that it matters too much, I mean how often have I posted this year 🙂  Oh, it’s my *other* services that matter to me.

SPPL 2008 UT

I didnt’ get a chance to blog about the early start to paintball this year.  The regional SPPL qualifiers was held in Utah on May 2nd and 3rd this year, which as those who know me will note was the last day at my previous job :).  What an exciting day.

What was really fun is this year DesertEdge fielded two squads (Yin and Yang), which gave me the chance to captain the Yang group.  This had several seasoned team members, as well as a complement of our Junior group, and a couple of team tryouts (talk about trial by fire).

Through two days on very challenging fields though, we proved ourselves. As the sun set on the championship game in the Masters division, it was DesertEdge vs. Desertedge for first and second places. (gee, who won?).

What a great way to start the tournament season, with a nice first and second place standing, and nationals qualifications.