May 7, 2008

Well, Heather has set a good example for me.  She blogs every week
about her family.  I feel a strong desire to do the same, however, I am
not very good at it.  I am going to pick one day a week and write a
short paragraph about each of us.  So, this is the first week, though I
am not sure Wednesday will stay the day I write. 🙂  So far this week
has been fairly uneventful.  THe weekend was really fun though.  Jason
had fun playing paintball with his team Desert Edge at the Regionals
and completely blew away all the competition.  Desert Edge Yen and
Desert Edge Yang took first and second place and then were able to play
each other in the Finals.  They apparently went out only a single hopper
each and had a great time.  Jason, unfortunatley missed the finals
because he left early to attend a Cinco De Mayo party with the kids and
I.  It was a sacrifice to miss the best part of the Regionals, but we
are grateful and had a good time with him at the party. 
The party
was hosted by a high school friend of mine named Scott and his
beautiful wife Heidi.  There were several other friends of mine there
from high school and their families.  It was really fun to see each of
them since it has been as little as a year and a half for some and  as
much as 7 years for others.  Warren Page proposed to his girlfriend
during the party which was a special treat and an honor to be a part
of.  We ate good tacos and watched the Three Amigos. 
About 2
months ago, Garion was begging me to join a football team.  He is not
currently involved with any sports or extra curricular activities, so I
told him as soon as I found out when and where I could sign him up, I
would.  We have finally found out that sign ups are form now through
the begining of June, but apparently Garion has changed his mind.  He
says he is afraid of getting tackled and getting hurt.  I can’t blame
him, but I am still trying to talk him into joining because I think it
would be a great experience for him.  I have a few doubts about how much
tackling will be happening with 7 year olds, but I guess you never
know.  He is going to pray about his decision not to sign up.  We will
see what he decides.
Brynn is officially one for 2 weeks now.  She
had her immunizations on the 25th of April and yesterday, 10 days
exactly after the shots, she had a reaction to the mmr.  She has had a
fever all weekend, but yesterday she got a rash from her toes to her
head.  It is fine, it doesn’t bother her or itch or anything like that
and her fever is gone.  I called the doctor about it and she said not
to worry, so I haven’t.  The rash is better today but still fairly
pronounced.  She has been pretty clingy and lathargic today, so maybe
the rash has had some effect on her after all.
Kayla has been very
excited because we have been painting her room.  It is a really light,
creamy yellow on top and a nice violet purple on the bottom.  We are
going to get a chair railing to put up hopefully this weekend and she
has spotted some dark purple curtains that have silver shiney spots on
them a Lowes that she really wants.  It has been a fun project for me
to work on.  Something different than the mundane things or ordinary
days.  Although, it has been a little hard to convince Kayla that I
don’t need help painting,  So she just sits there and watches me for
the most part.  I would have let her help, but I just really didn’t
want myself or the carpet to be painted. 🙂
I have been trying to
get back in the habit of running, but I have been having a hard time
with it.  So this week, I decided to try roller blading.  I really
enjoy the sport, but have never taken the time to really do it.  I
bought some pads and went out yesterday morning.  I felt a little
self-concious putting all the padding on.  Who knew you would need so much
armor just to roll down the street!  🙂  But I had to go down a few
hills and I was really glad for the protection when I was going fast. 
I am proud to say that I made it home without falling once!  We will see
what happens tomorrow.
I guess that is all for this week.  I will write more if it comes to me before next week!  Have a happy day!