Making a Splash

What a night, after my team paintball practice, I had to run down to the American Fork pool to help my brothers’ ward scout group learn basic kayak safety. They’ve decided that they are doing a kayak high adventure at lake Powell this year. So my brother and I brought down two of the kayaks, and started with the basics of entry, seating, control, and water escape. It’s been a few years, so the demo of water re-entry was a little scary, but I did it.
It was great to get the boats back in some water (and quite warm at that), and we’ll be getting quite a few more chances to take these guys out to practice this summer so they can get the feel for kayaking before their trip. And yes, these aren’t tiny little whitewater kayaks. 🙂 19′ Seda Glider, and a 17′ Necky