Gmail IMAP

It’s finally arriving, but of course I don’t have it yet.  Yes Google has announced IMAP access for it’s popular gmail and google apps accounts, currently rolling out to all users.  While it’s a cool interface, this was one of my biggest beefs with their system.  No longer will this be a problem 🙂

And for those who want to use (my wife) here is a hint for getting your default folders to sync correctly: Map Gmail Folders to Default Folders

And for those that don’t know.  Why IMAP?  IMAP is the protocol that lets you view your mail on the server, instead of just downloading a copy.  So if you delete an email, it’s deleted on the server.  If you move it to a folder, it is on the server also.  So you can use whatever email client you want on your personal box, and still see your changes when you view it in the web interface.