MySQL Me Harder

Yes, this was the announcement title from Ivan today as he pushed out the door the return of MySQL support in Freeside.  Now all those people who have hesitated to try out freeside from lack of PostgreSQL experience, or simply wanting unification in their MySQL infrastructure can get started.  The notes for installation from Ivan are:

You’ll need DBIx::DBSchema 0.35 from CPAN or


Gmail IMAP

It’s finally arriving, but of course I don’t have it yet.  Yes Google has announced IMAP access for it’s popular gmail and google apps accounts, currently rolling out to all users.  While it’s a cool interface, this was one of my biggest beefs with their system.  No longer will this be a problem 🙂

And for those who want to use (my wife) here is a hint for getting your default folders to sync correctly: Map Gmail Folders to Default Folders

And for those that don’t know.  Why IMAP?  IMAP is the protocol that lets you view your mail on the server, instead of just downloading a copy.  So if you delete an email, it’s deleted on the server.  If you move it to a folder, it is on the server also.  So you can use whatever email client you want on your personal box, and still see your changes when you view it in the web interface.

GPS Recommendations

So my old GPS is finally beyond hope.  It has fallen into a state that can only be deemed useless, and I need a new one.  I’m hoping to get some recommendations from folks about what GPS models features you like the most.  Some of my requirements include:

  • Screen – not just tracking
  • Topographical Maps
  • Mac Connectivity – Preferably bluetooth

Basic Usage for me:

  • Plot waypoints before a hike
  • Use During a hike to verify location/path
  • Little geocaching
  • Exporting hike details to Google Earth, etc..

So, what models do you prefer, and why?

Battlefield Utah, Details

Some people have heard me talk about an upcoming game my team is putting on, with one of our sponsors.  Sadly I haven’t been keeping in touch with all the details.  But fear not, here they are.  Battlefield Utah is a game presented by Team DesertEdge, Paradox Games, and the Utah National Guard.  Yes this is the first public game ever hosted at Camp Williams, and will include a special pistol event at the MOUT training center.

This is a very limited offer, and very few spots are still available (If you really want, I can get you in if it get’s blocked), but try signing up if you can.  Urban training on camp Williams, BYOP (Bring your own paint), or cheap purchase price onsite.  It doesn’t get better than that.

Game is this Saturday, so get ready.