Pushing an agenda too far

Ok, this article really pissed me off:  Water pistol prizes draw a sharp rebuke

The basic point is, a city councilman (Democrat) was working as a lifeguard at a pool, when he found a 9-year old boy that had a water gun toy.  This councilman took the toy, and asked where he got it.  The boy replied it was a prize he won from the town libraries’ reading contest.

So, from a big box of mixed prizes, a little boy wins a water gun, and the city council man is “up in arms” about it.  Somehow he believes it’s ill-conceived, and that we must do so much to stop horrors like this.

The worst part is the article has the director of the library apologizing for the “mistake”.

How can we have progressed to where we have to feel bad because a little boy got a prize that he probably really liked.  And from a reading program at that.  Remember folks, the lesson today is that it must be those toy guns that are the cause of violence, not people’s choices