Fully Qualified

After a seriously hard fight, Team DesertEdge has earned it’s way to the Scenario Paintball Players League National Finals.  Last weekend we had to fight through the brackets with the best scenario paintball teams in the local states to earn our way to this honor.

DesertEdge fielded two squads at this event, and wound up taking 3 qualifying spots (4th, 5th, and Sportsmanship).  Getting two teams to this point is amazing, especially considering the quality of the opponents.  Even better when we lost out of the game for first/second place by 1 point! (out of several hundred available per game).  I also can’t complain when that game was one of the best paintball games ever played.  The opponents (Team Forest Fire) were excellent, Refs were great, and the sportsmanship between the two teams was outstanding.

After them we fought the Paraplegic turtles in an intense game in which we lost through a few details that hurt us, but still with a close score.  And you can’t fault the work on the turtles, their gun-skills were top-notch throughout the day.

The top team was Team Run again this year, who has always been our toughest competition.  We were glad when we were able to provided players they needed one morning to field the team needed to complete their bracket, basically knocking ourselves out of contention for first place.

Now, I have to figure out a way to Oklahoma next month to compete in the national competition with the other qualifying teams.

Start-Up Challenge

The Amazon Start-Up Challenge has begun.  Got an idea you want to try out? Now’s your chance to play with it on the AWS cluster.  Try using their services to get your system started and you could win a bit of money.

This is pretty cool, I’ve been starting to play a little with the EC2 + S3 combination, and interested in the other fun toys like FPS and SQS.  Now, how should I use it…


Bravo to ActiveState for opening up some of their platform, and eating their own:

The OpenKomodo project was just announced.  They’ll be building their own tools off this same platform.  Could lead to some seriously nice open tools.

OpenKomodo’s licensing will apparently be three-fold.  The mozilla public license, GPL, and LGPL.  This should definitely give plenty of freedom in extending the system to great FOSS applications.  Imagine having a firefox built out where firebug-like tools became the norm of your environment.  Very nifty indeed.