Keysigning/Identity Party At UTOSC

Among the many events happening at UTOSC, you can join in the BOF session and become a part of the Utah web of trust.  Yes, we’ll be having a keysigning party, and some people had mentioned also doing cert signings.  This is a great chance to join in the best geek social network of all, one that actually has value.  You should see some new posts and emails coming out soon with more information, but if you would like to join the web, send your gpg information to gpg – at – scottr dot org.

For information about what you need to send, or how to get started, follow these instructions.  Remember to upload your key to a public keyserver, and then send the key you will use to the aforementioned address.  There will then be a web page with all the attendees fingerprints, which you will be able to verify at the party.

Unwinding At Grandaddy

I live in Utah.  I love camping.  With that said, some people find it strange that until this weekend, I’d never been to the Uintahs.  Of course, I didn’t grow up here, and just now have had the chance to really get out a bit more.  So this weekend my neighbor and I headed out to the Uintah mountains to the Grandaddy Basin.

The hike out, over Hades Pass, was 4 miles, and I had been told quite difficult.  Well, not really.  Was a lot easier than expected, which let us spend a bit of extra time finding a great camping spot.  We had heard the area was a popular spot, so we were a bit worried about seeing too many people, especially on a holiday weekend.  Instead we were pleased to have only about 4 groups total in the area, which led to an overall very private weekend.

The Grandaddy basin is quite a nice area.  After leaving the oppressive Utah summer heat it felt great to be surrounded by trees, and numerous lakes and ponds.  Spending time wandering in the forests I couldn’t help but keep finding nice water pools and meadows.  Nights were brisk, another enjoyable thing, but the fishing was extremely slow for various reasons.

As a geek, it’s extremely nice to be able to completely just get away, to spend a weekend scrounging around in the dirt, and just having fun.  I’ll definitely be heading back to this area, and hopefully bringing my family as the kids get a little older.  There are lots of fish (normally biting), lots of big and tiny lakes, short hikes, easy distance.  It’s just a great location.

Grandaddy Lake Photos
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