Data Management

So apparently the Ingres company is using  How do I know?  I just received an email from salesforce, that is apparently sent out to their salespeople, telling the agent they have a new lead to follow up on.  The email includes some of my information (from their booth at OSCON), nothing special really.  My favorite part was the instructions:

Please contact this lead within the next  business days and be sure to
log all activities.  Change the lead status to IN PROGRESS, etc. once
you have acted on the lead.

So I have instructions to call myself now.  I wonder if they’ll find out their error?  If I do get a call I know I’ll have to ask them if they’ve changed my lead status yet, and if they are logging all activities.  I wonder what activities I should tell them to write down :-p

Anyways, this brief bit of humor is funniest to me because Ingres is of course a database company, so getting their data mixed up just tickled the geeky funny bone.  So beware, I guess those data uploads can be tricky.

Rolling it Old School II

old school thumb.jpgI can’t believe I’ve forgotten so repeatedly to post about this game.  This Saturday Team DesertEdge is presenting our second annual “Rolling it Old School” game.  Basically, while many people on our team while we love the high intensity tournaments, and massive scenario games, we often long for the good old days when everybody had low end pump guns.  A few people crawling in the brush with tubes of paint.

Well, this is the game where we bring out the pump lovers from across the state.  This is a two-team scenario game for pump and pistol class markers only.  Test your “paintball skills” against some of the friendliest good players, without all the fear of repeated hits, or whiny kids with big guns.  This is a great game if you are just getting into things, or if you want a more relaxed atmosphere.

If you do not have equipment, there will be pumps available for rental for $5, and you can also use any other weapon in ‘single-ball’ mode. (eg you put in one paintball, by hand, each time).

This is a great way to play, and you can really stick it to a lot of folks if you are smart.  Come play for your best chance to hit me 🙂

Information available at: DesertEdge Rolling it Old School II