Vim Tutorial

This talk had ‘oialline’ speaking in replacement for Damian.  He’s a little bit drier of a talk of course (hey, everybody is compared to Damian), but definitely knows his stuff.  Heck, he wrote a book on it 🙂

Definitely a lot more syntax/function oriented at first, compared to damian’s class which was more focused on shortcut usability.  let’s see how it continues.  Most of the notes are available at the url below (he promised to have his slightly updated version posted soon).

“I’ve just spent an hour and a half lecturing on various ways to autotype #include around filenames, and the strange thing is I don’t use any of them.  I just do an abbreviation.”

It was nice seeing at the final point of the lecture was reminding people about the “charity” portion of the software.

This was definitely a different class than damians, which was designed from ticks to making it quick.  This was really a tool for understanding the vim core.  Very interesting, totally different.

Internet Archeology – Going through old code trying to figure out what it did.

A couple of the nice items I’ve picked out (yeah the scripting part is newer to me)
  @Spell or @NoSpell  options for syntax highlighting can be regional (eg spellcheck your comments, not syntax)

==? (case insensitive) , ==# (case sensitive), == (depends on what your
global casing is set to). And people thought bad things about Perl… 🙂

the .gvimrc file is called before the gui is built, but .vimrc *isn’t*.  Important when adding menu options.

Perl interaction section… Oh this will be my friend!  Didn’t realize just how much it let you do, especially the OO interface.

:vimgrep /pattern/ **/*.c  ” recursive (**)  of all .c files

Multisearch macro package

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