Arrived at OSCON 07

Checked into the hotel, registered, and will be ready to feed the brain starting tomorrow.  Spent the last two days touring the old grounds in WA before the conference.  That’s the nice thing about this being in Portland is I can visit my hometown.  This time I spent the weekend hitting the old Pike Place Market, Visiting my Sister, and old friends.  One of those suckers even went camping with me up to Lake Angeles .

I had packed very light for a nice summer trip, and was greeted with a heavy downpour :/  go figure.  But I can live with that, and hiked up anyways.  I hope to get some pictures up soon, but I didnt’ get very many because my camera broke.  The lens extended as normal, and then no longer retracts.  Because of that, when the camera turns on it starts to try to extend, and since ti can’t, it crashes.  grrr..