Ahorn Wildland Fire

Well, I received a sad call this morning from my grandmother this morning, a little bit of a call to the reality of the fire season.  See, we have a family cabin that my dad and grandfather built when he was a teenager.  I’ve blogged about going up there before, it’s serious backcountry solace to my heart.  Well, a recent lightening strike started a fire just up the canyon from our cabin.  The benchmark road/canyon is filled with an old forest that is well past it’s prime for a heavy fire, and due to years of mismanagement, the whole forest is a large tinderbox (lots of ladder-fuel, etc.).

Well, the fire is currently mostly headed a different direction, but it won’t take much, especially with the current coverage to head down the canyon and include our cabin.

The one interesting note about this though, is that my grandmother is one of those people we all know that never got into computers.  After retiring from working for the state of Montana, she retired to living her summers at this primitive cabin, when she called she had some very useful information for me.

“I have an internet number about the fire for you to call..  it’s ‘H’ as in home, ‘T’ as in toy, ‘T’ as in toy, ‘P’ as in…”

I think you can see where that is going.  Out of it though, I found a really interesting site called inciweb, that is a good mashup of several sources of information, if you want to track any fires.  Good maps.  As for the fire I’m concerned about:  Ahorn Wildland Fire

And links to some of our cabin pictures:
Hall Family Cabin Benchmark 1
Hall Family Cabin 2


I’ll admit, I’ve become a nintendo DS and Wii nut recently.  It’s a convincing package, and I’m supporting it.  The newly announced WiiFit stuff looks really interesting (strangely).  But I just had to laugh when I was passed this video from sarcasticgamer.com (If I did this right, I hope, the video wont’ show on aggregators/rss, so you folks can click to see if you want)