More Than Meets the Eye

Yes, the classic Transformers statement.  I just got back from the preview showing, and man was that worthtransformers-20060827114907930-000.jpg it.  I will say that I went into the movie giddy about finally seeing the darned thing, but with a heavy fear that it was going to be royally screwed up.

Man that was a good movie!  A great balance for the non-transformer geek, as well as us geeks.  I was also very afraid that the violence would be way overdone, and my son wouldn’t be able to watch it. While it is big on action, the gore and others is not there to where I would feel bad for my son to attend (but better watch it without them first to make sure about yours).

Definately a winner.  And man which is sexier, Jazz (Pontiac solstice) or Bublebee (with the new camaro look)?