A Jaunt up Timp


So last week I got a call asking for some help with our scouts.  Apparently the adults talked the older boys into hiking up Timp.  Not being one to turn down an opportunity to camp, I jumped on the chance.

True to form the kids wound up deciding not to camp as my neighbor and I were ready to go.  But that wouldn’t stop us.  So Jamison and I headed up AF canyon and just kept driving until we found a spot to pitch our tents and sack out for the night.  A few minutes of scrounging turned up plenty of firewood, and we had quite the enjoyable evening.

The next morning we quickly packed up, and headed to the Timpooneke trailhead.  Following the example from the day before, what was supposed to be a large group that they needed help with turned out to be only 2 kids, which left us oh so dissapointed :).

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Moving to MT4

If for some reason you haven’t already heard, SixApart has announced that version 4 of their MovableType blogging software is GPL.  This is great news, as it corrects a very nasty previous decision moving away from the GPL, which caused many folks such as myself to move off of it.

So it’s time to go back.  Why? Well my previous software had some cool features, and was fun to hack on, but it had long been unmaintained, and I was tired of tracking it against some devel frameworks.  So, I’m moving back, to a beta version of MT.  Be warned that things will be changing a lot in the near future hear, as basically nothing is set up.