Brynn is Born

After a long day, Brynn has finally joined us.

* 7lb 10oz
* 19″ long
* 5:44 pm
* lot’s of hair

Kelly and Brynn are doing very well, and are at UVRMC until Wednesday.


Triad Challenge

Paradox Games is hosting a new kind of paintball scenario game this weekend, the “Triad Challenge”: . This will be a very interesting event, based on “SPPL”: rules, except utilizing *three* teams. This is a great chance to try playing with some big teams, that will coach both new and moderate players on advanced tactics.

If you are interested in trying out the game, as always, contact me. I have some equipment I can loan to the first people who can commit to attending.

Just Gliffy

So “Dan”: pointed me over to “Gliffy”: . Using their free trial right now, and I gotta say I’m impressed. Flash based, but it works really well.

Of course it has nice features such as collaboration, public/private content, version control, Yahoo Image Search, and more.

Of course, sheer random images are fun to blog too.