So many of us have at some point wanted to reverse map a database schema. As I was fighting with DOT syntax last week I decided to look around for a way to slurp in my Postgres schema into “Omni Graffle”:http://www.omnigroup.com/applications/omnigraffle/ on my mac. Why? Because Omni Graffle is a really really nice looking application.

Well, I finally found “DBGraffle4”:http://www.visualdistortion.org/DBGraffle4/ .

* Free
* Works

* Slow as a dog (probably mostly applescript’s fault)
* Default does not allow password based auth (had to edit the python, ugh)
* Had to install pygres
* You need to have the UML stencils selected for it to work
* You cannot click away from Omni Graffle, it’ll die (applescript loses focus)

In the process of looking, I also found a copy somebody made that works with MySQL, which could come in handy.

It’s simple, has it’s warts, but it worked, and was the only tool of it’s kind I could find. So I figured it might help others here.