Freeside at Plug

For this weeks “PLUG”: meeting, I’ll be presenting on _Understanding and Extending Freeside_

“Freeside”: is an Open Source Billing system originally written for ISP’s. While it does an excellent job at its stated task, I’ll show you what you need to know to extend Freeside into a custom billing application and provisioning system for ASP’s and other markets.

*Come learn about the nuances you need in a mature billing system
*Hear buzzwords such as Sarbox, PCI compliance, and more
*Why you should avoid reinventing the wheel
*How easy it is to plug into the Free-side.

Time: 7:30
Date: 2/14/07
Location: United Online Web Services (see for map)

Time Between Rounds

Have you ever wondered what people do between rounds at a paintball event? Wonder no longer as you witness the atrocities that can happen.

Watch as ‘Danger Dan’ on my team takes a “grenade from a super slingshot at point blank range”: .

Yes, we’re that crazy. Today’s insanity brought to you courtesy of “Team DesertEdge”:, and SpecOps Paintball.