Test your Clicking

So this is a link for both the Paintballers and the computer geeks. In tournament paintball, most places require that you operate in a pure semi-auto mode. Now, if you’ve ever *watched* some of the speedball tournaments you’ll think that’s untrue, because of how fast they fire. Well here’s why, “test your trigger rate”:http://www.planeteclipse.com/ego/default.asp?swf=EgoBps.swf

Geeks should think they are good at this, just click away. Now, let’s see how fast you can go. I average 15/s, and I have team members doing 17-23. Let’s see how you do.

BTW, the gun they are demonstrating, the “Ego”:http://www.dangerdanspaintball.com/index.php/cPath/21_31, is a very nice speedball gun. Very accurate. Very fast. Clicking that link will take you to a friends site, that can get you a great deal on a package for those, or other guns if you are interested.