Sheldon Is Moving

Each morning, I have a basic routine at the start of work. I exercise the limits of my browser by opening a very very large number of tabs. These tabs will be populated by my ‘funnies’, a very long list of comics that I have been following, some for a very long time.

These tabs will then be perused during the day, between tasks, when I need a laugh, etc. There are also a couple that are so important, well they get read immediately. One of those is Dave Kellett’s “Sheldon”: I’ve been following this one since it was a little webcomic. A while into it, he was a rare artist to actually get syndicated, and moved to United Media. While this was, at the time, probably a good move for him, it kinda sucked for the reader. United Media is like most media companies, very old school. They just don’t understand what the web can do for them. Sure, they aren’t *as* bad as King Features, and a couple of other companies, but they still have some very nasty limits for an artist that wants to interact with his fans.

With that, Dave Kellett is moving back out on his own. As part of the “Blank Label”: he will be fighting to get his readers back, and trying to make a living.

If you already follow Sheldon, then note the new site, it starts tomorrow.

If you don’t, please start. It’s a great, traditional style panel comic, with very geeky, entertaining, family funny!

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