Brasilian Memoirs

While perusing the web with a neighbor that also served an LDS mission in Brasil, we stumbled upon the churches “Brasilian mormon site”:

Using that I was able to verify the locations of some of my old stomping grounds, as well as see some areas that have grown. I attempted to follow up on some of the addresses with google maps/earth, but they don’t parse brasilian addresses very well. A few of the issues:

* It requires that you write ‘Brazil’ as an American would.
* After that, it doesn’t seem to parse beyond the city address.
* It doesn’t understand state abbreviations, you have to spell them out.
* You can’t use accent characters, even though they are correct
* It has no comprehension of “Bairro”: , which is a fundamental part of Brasilian addresses

Still, I was able to find some of what I was looking for, with recent higher-resolution images.

“Capella do Curvelo”:,-44.43164&spn=0.003017,0.004887&t=h&om=1
This one is from a special area for me, nice to see they now have an actual chapel!

“Capella das Sete Lagoas : Nova Cidade”:,-44.236064&spn=0.003005,0.006636&t=h&om=1
My first area, my second ‘house’ was two street over (R. Madri) behind a members house.

3 thoughts on “Brasilian Memoirs

  1. I found your blog through Utah OSS Planet but I also served in BH Oeste! Nova Cidade was my first and last area so I also went to the Rua Madri chapel. We lived on Nova Suiça and later on the Avenida. When were you there?

  2. I’ve used Google Earth to try and find some of my mission stomping grounds (Brasil Curitiba Mission). I’ve managed to locate where the Curitiba temple is being built as well.

    My wife and I are planning on going back for the dedication. I seriously need to study up on the Portugues.

    Fun stuff.


  3. Speaking of Brasil, did you manage to see Discovery Channel’s ‘Discovery Atlas: Brazil Revealed’?

    It was pretty cool.