Mod_security and debian

lo, once again I’ve been bitten by the fun of licenses and debian. My well loved mod_security patch for apache has been removed from debian, as it includes apache headers, which cannot be redistributed by license. Ugh. The project itself is open, but it can’t be distributed by Debian’s rules.

While I could go and build it myself, I still would much rather have a .deb file available, and made by somebody else. I’m lazy, I’ll admit it. Well, thankfully google found one for me today: “Mod_security deb’s for debian testing”:

In looking at this issue, I have found another project I am looking at for possible usage too, and will report on it when I can, “mod_ifier”: which tries to do much of what mod_security does. Quite similar overall, and well featured.

So Evil it’s awesome

While the cheap half of me cringes with the waste, I can’t help but express glee in just how awesome this is.
“PS3 smashed on launch day, in front of crowd”:

Now, they say they’ll have the video of it up in a few hours. I can’t wait to see kids screaming.

Test your Clicking

So this is a link for both the Paintballers and the computer geeks. In tournament paintball, most places require that you operate in a pure semi-auto mode. Now, if you’ve ever *watched* some of the speedball tournaments you’ll think that’s untrue, because of how fast they fire. Well here’s why, “test your trigger rate”:

Geeks should think they are good at this, just click away. Now, let’s see how fast you can go. I average 15/s, and I have team members doing 17-23. Let’s see how you do.

BTW, the gun they are demonstrating, the “Ego”:, is a very nice speedball gun. Very accurate. Very fast. Clicking that link will take you to a friends site, that can get you a great deal on a package for those, or other guns if you are interested.

Switched out

Sorry for the downtime earlier today, I know everybody was so eager to read the rest of my post. For some reason late last night the switch that this box sits on decided to freak out, and was only allowing a few bytes/s out. Of course “openclue”: people were really missing out because Plug and Joseph’s boxes sit on the same switch. Things are back up now though, all is well.. move along..

Modern Warning Signs

ok, I need to print a few of these “Warning Signs”: out.

My favorites:
* “Motivational Hazard”:
* “Memetic Hazard”:

Beware Fast Page Loads

Recently I was playing around with OnyX, a tool that allows you to play around with many hidden settings in OSX. One feature that I hadn’t noticed since the last time I ran it (it’s been a while) was a radio button that stated:

Safari Page Rendering: [x] Normal [ ] Faster

Well, I just had to try that one out. Faster page loads, that easy, sounds great.

Please, don’t do it folks. The past several days I’ve had countless Safari crashes, pegging the CPU as it seems this starts running javascript well before the total code is loaded. Several times a day Safari would skyrocket, and nearly take out the machine. Switching this feature back to normal made everything work nicely again.

Last Reminder

A last reminder to folks that tonight’s “Plug”: meeting is going to be a good one. With Kevin Tew presenting on Cardinal. Language snobs will enjoy this one. Check out plug for details.