Reviewers Needed

With the deployment of the new “Plug Website”: , we have a need to get book reviews on the site. Many companies have been generous with their donations of books, and we need to return the favors by posting our reviews of their content, on our site, personal blogs, and sites like “amazon”: .

If you are interested in reviewing, you may start by adding your review of any technical book to the plug website. Those who have published quality reviews are always foremost in line to review future offerings from our sponsors. If you have questions about how to review, go ahead and look at the guidelines posted on, those will make any of the publishers happy (as long as you are honest 🙂 ).

With that said, O’Reilly has just offered us a couple of copies of their new “Ubuntu Hacks”: book, and I am willing to give those out to any plug members willing to read and post their reviews. Interested? Just contact me via my nick at, or on the “Plug List”: , or via the comments here.

From the site:

??Like all books in the “Hacks” series, Ubuntu Hacks includes 100 quick tips and tricks for all users of all technical levels. Beginners will appreciate the installation advice and tips on getting the most out of the free applications packaged with the Ubuntu Linux distribution, while intermediate and advanced readers will learn the ins-and-outs of power management, wireless roaming, 3D video acceleration, server configuration, and much more.??

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