Rolling It Old School

Last weekend provided a rather fun event. Some friend hosted a Pump and Pistol class paintball tournament. What does that mean? Well, most modern markers you find are some form of semi-automatic, and many with electronic triggers that allow various levels of full-auto, ramp, or burst fire modes.

The average user therefore learns quickly that their best way to get a ‘kill’ is to use the complicated aiming method called *spray and pray* .

Now, we _old schoolers_ remember back in the old days of pump class, which required manual cocking between each fire. Often with small tubes of paint, and often 12-gram CO^2 cartridges.

!>×214-DSC00063.JPG (Jayce^ of Team Desert Edge Playing Pump)!:

Many of the old timers showed up to enjoy a day of the old world, along with many newer people who just wanted to try out what we’d been ranting about. The game was great, 4 hours of near constant action, careful shots, the most barrel tags I’ve seen in a long time, and just a whole lot of fun. At the end of the day, everybody was in agreement about just how fun things had been, and even the people new to pump were sold on playing it a little more often. If nothing else, it taught them how to make their shots count better.

For a geeky equivalent, we held an installfest, and showed a bunch of windows n00bs just how much fun a command line is.

h3<. "Photos of Rolling It Old School":