Armchair Commandos

One of the sponsors of my paintball team is the local store “Special Ops”: . This is a great company up in North Salt Lake that creates some amazing equipment, as well as sponsors the excellent “SPPL League”: .

Well, they’ve gotten into the TV world with a new show they are filming, mostly here in Utah, “Armchair Commandos”: . Check it out. It’s a reality-tv style show that pits two diametrically opposed groups of people (in the preview, Rednecks vs. Punk Rockers) in various scenario style paintball games, for a cash prize towards charity.

The players are new to paintball, showing that anybody can play, and have a lot of fun. I you have an idea for a group, go ahead and suggest away to them. Check “the video link”: for some teaser footage. And who knows, maybe someday you or I will be in the show (right now, our team just gets to ‘assist’)

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