Refreshing Customer Service

What is it about tires that makes them seem to reach out and grab on to any available road hazard? In my case this week it was some nice screws in the road. This is something that seems to be a somewhat regular occurrence for me, if somebody drops a screw/bolt/nail/sharp pointy anything in the road, one of my tires will find it. So yesterday morning I had to stop by the tire store to see if they could repair my tire.

Problem is, my tires are really bald. End of Life. But I need them to last another month or two so I can afford to fix my stupid brakes that are also toast first.

So I drop off the tire, well expecting that they aren’t going to be able to fix it, and I’m going to have to shell out money I don’t really have right now to get new tires. The serviceman tells me it’ll be 25 minutes, and goes to work on my vehicle.

Once they tell me it’s done (20 minutes, w00t!) they inform me that my tire couldn’t be repaired, holes were too close, and had split between them. So I was moderately confused, since he said they had fixed my tire.

“Oh, we had a used tire of the exact same style we took off a car recently, so I put that on.” Ok, so a _new_ tire, just used. So I asked how much the new tire was, grateful that it would cost less, and only needed the one. “Oh, no charge, just come back when you do replace your tires.”

Yes, this is why I shop at “Discount Tires Co.”:

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One thought on “Refreshing Customer Service

  1. So *that’s* where those screws went to! Sorry about that. 😛

    But seriously, we had the same experience with a flat tire and Les Schwab. I’m not sure if they’re doing it because they’re truly good people or they’re just trying to manipulate me into shopping there. Either way, I don’t think I care.

    Now, what do we have to do to get the same level of service from Qwest?